Nigerians express disgust as #FreeEse campaign gains momentum; child brides and paedophilia raises its ugly head once again


Today, I cry #FreeEse because Kano man Yinusa is a paedophile, a kidnapper and a sex offender, and everybody who has thwarted the course of justice and moral rightness in this story is as guilty as if they had kidnapped this 13-year-old girl themselves. This is abhorrent.

Apologies if this story does not come across as written by an articulate person – I am struggling for words and I cannot seem to stop shaking.

It is alleged that a poor excuse for a man, Yinusa, saw a 13-year-old girl, Ese Oruru, and kidnapped her right from her mother’s shop, carried her interstate to Kano where he changed her name, converted her to Islam, and then married her.

A poor, distraught mother has given up everything to trail this man all the way to Kano, only to be met by roadblocks, barriers and negativity along the way – presumably by other men who think it is perfectly fine to carry out such dastardly acts.

It is now said that this girl is within the custody of the Emir of Kano, although even this fact has set my skin crawling. If Emir Sanusi thinks it is bad enough for the girl not to be with Yinusa, then why is he holding on to this child?? There is no secret that her mother is looking for her – Punch Nigeria brought this story to the attention of the whole world and her mother would be very easy to find, I imagine.

Has she joined the king’s harem? Are they making someone’s child pray five times a day against the wishes of the birth mother? Does the ‘husband’ get ‘conjugal visits’ while this child is being held by one of the gatekeeper of our land? What is all this nonsense? What is this? Why is Sanusi allowing this?

Our hearts will break over no light, no water, no security, Boko Haram, no money…and it will still break because the people meant to protect our children are protecting men who want to fuck them? What is this?

If it is to find where they sell N300m cars, our leaders will know road, but to save a child, everybody is forming deafness. Horrific.

It is said that Oby Ezekwesili said she found out that the Emir overruled the Sharia court and asked that the girl be returned but till this day, the girl hasn’t been returned.

Another seeming paedophile-enabler, IGP Arase, who was charged with returning the girl has claimed that the Emir’s Hajj has led to the delay in releasing the girl.

How can ANY God hear your prayers when you keep evil in your left hand and iniquity in your right?

Not only should this girl, named Eseoghene by those who bore her and not Aisha by those who STOLE her, be released immediately, everybody who brought this about – from Yinusa to village chiefs who only wish to preserve customs that are beneficial to their rancid penises – should be interrogated to the fullest and arrested.

As for you, Buhari: you knew the strength of social media when you wanted to win an election. ACT. TODAY. Or by this same social media will you be judged. The work is not the winning of the elections, it is doing what you said you would. And when one mother cries; we ALL cry.

Put your bloody shirt back on, shed the white bedsheet, and remind us that we have laws in this country. Taaaah!

Osinbajo, you should be ashamed of yourself too. What, you haven’t yet heard this story, oga Pastor turned Presido Boy-Boy? Does your Bible not say anything about this heartrending incident? Fix up, man.

My heart goes out to every woman who has suffered injustice because we live in a patriarchal society that continues to hush our cries and make us seem like chattel, like property, like inconsequential human beings.


That is all.

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  1. What kills me gangan be say this child is still with them 7 months post-abduction. ..when the news broke in august of 2015, I expected a “normal” response involving snappy police or social services’ retrieval of the child and handed back to her parents..So, you can imagine my bemusement yesterday when I saw a news stating that Ese is still over there in Kano, trapped in some abokis paedophilic eminence …. ha! This kontiri ehn!

  2. The system is so flawed that justice is now delivered according to a caste system. It is the greatest kind of stupidity that I have ever seen! If that child were the offspring of one influential person, the Police, DSS, Civil Defence and Civil Liberties organisations would have raided hell to rescue him/her. But alas! I mean; The IGP has to wait for orders to do what is right? And to learn that this has gone on for 7months just makes me want to lash out at somebody! Haba! What are we sef!

  3. Nigeria is a country full of idiots and immoral people. We should not only kill them as some people will say but to state the truth, do we know how many people are really into that shit? Yesterday, I found out about my barber in lere back in 2004 was actually caught with a 6 year old boy. Now imagine not girl o!!! And he said he has been doing it since. I swear I nearly died coz the curse on the guy head nor go be here and imagine he used his dirty flirty hand on me. But u know what? Our society is going bunkers. We need the truth. The simple truth that religion used to offer so we can grow in the right direction in this country. No one will ever wish this on the children, siblings and so on. This is demonic, bad and sadistic. I’m not happy but this is where we find ourselves coz we talk more than do the right thing.

  4. I remember as a young man back in the 70’s in Calabar many a pammie bar conversation involved young women and that once they were 13 they were ready to pluck, this always left a bitter taste in my mouth mainly because as a teenager 13 year olds did not appeal to me in the least so I found it abhorrent that older guys should think this…….. Bottomline I think we all know of such stories from all over Nigeria past and present, I would suggest it is more of a cultural issue than religious one and is not peculiar to any particular tribe but all Nigerians regardless of religion……

  5. Andy, this is the comment of the DAY. I have veered away from making this about region or religion. Certainly a lot of the laissez faire attitude relating to this haven’t just been the Northerners or the Muslims. I’ve read very disheartening comments from East, West and South.

    That governor elect from Kwara abi where? The one wey don bleach so tay e don nearly transparent? That died before he could attain his position…didn’t he take a child bride too?

    The problem is “I can and I will; who is there to stop me?” The ‘ownership’ of women; the permissiveness of sexual perversion as long as it is done by a man or better yet, a man with power; and the trivialisation of what is actually abuse by sweeping it under the carpet and calling it tradition.

    We should not, in our fury, leave the substance and chase the shadows. There are a majority of Muslims and Northerners who are NOT paedophiles nor terrorists abeg.

  6. HAba this has absolutely nothing to do with Buhari!!! We have Laws in this country and the many false stories also compound the situation. Give Baba a break!!! This is nothing but young love blown out of proportion. I ask what was she running away from? What kind of family did she come from? Who are her guardians? Girls start having sex in Nigeria at 13 upwards. Its common. All we can do is guide them but o turn it into a religious, Political, ethnic conflagration is just foul!!!

  7. Interesting post… filled with bias and venom of cause. Written in such a way that anyone who shows any ounce of objection had to be a paedophile. The president was called out, just to add a little spice. I do not see President Obama getting involved in the Treyvon Martin or indeed any other black child killed in the US, perhaps he should have succumbed to public opinion? The truth be told, if the sequence of events was indeed as reported, it leaves a lot to be desired of the rule of law in my beloved country. However, my experience shows that things aren’t always as reported, especially with journalists jostling for a sensational headline.

    Whom amongst the commentators here had had the pleasure of speaking to the girl in question or party to any form of first-hand information? Indeed how many of the journalists that reported and continue to report the incident has first-hand information on the saga?

    I have read reports that Yinusa, the said paedophile was a wealthy Alhaji from Kano, and some say he is a 17 year old boy, other reports put him as certainly under 20 years old. I have read statements and listened to audio recordings of the said abducted girl, claiming to be a 17 year old, was not abducted and doesn’t want to return to her parents. I have also read that she was certainly a 14 year old on the accounts of the girl’s brother. The more I read about the story, the more it looks like two love birds that chose to elope. If a 14 year old runs away with a 17year old boy… whom should we shoot first? The boy or the girl?

    The worst is, some lawmakers and people in authority do listen to the court of public-opinion and deliver judgement based on public opinion. I am sorry but this article does not serve to objectively challenge the reader, but to enforce the otherwise biased opinion of the writer.

  8. Each to their own, Biola. We don’t have to agree on everything and I do not buy the news from Naij dot com for one second.

    She may not want to come home, but that is inconsequential; she is a minor and must be returned home. When she is 18, she may do as she pleases.

    You have audio of a Hausa girl speaking, and that is enough to negate comments made by Oby Ezekwesili, directives made by the Emir of Kano, and the IG of Police.

    Whatever. Like I said: each to their own. We don’t all have to agree on the same thing. My stand and opinion have not wavered in the slightest, nor do I believe yours will. So we’re still cool, Silver Fox 😉

  9. I love you too Rachel… The best part of you is actually “at least hearing out contrary opinion” and I must say I commend you for that. Indeed to each their opinion, but we never had that choice to start with… any contrary opinion was that made by a paedophile and they needed to be shot at dawn.

    Oh, and the guy asking the questions was not the abducted girl. I am sure you would know a female voice when you hear one. For the record, I do not believe she sounded like a Hausa girl – but to each their opinion.

  10. I will always listen to contrary opinion, but when I am writing a post, I will of course ‘cut the grass to my direction’. If people have differing comments, they can put them in the comments and I will respond as best as I can.

    As for you, Biola, you know say no be today we start: from frigid women to Women’s Lib to dead lions, the love has been waxing strong since since :p

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