Nigerian presidency 2019: between the devil and deranged angels


As the race for Nigerian presidency 2019 heats up, will it be Atiku or a rerun by PMB? Hmm, be like say we are bound to do another cycle of the usual battle with old men. The election goes typically into a tussle between two major opposition parties, and we are left dangling between the devil and deranged angels. Must we always get stuck between two resident evils?

Nothing else makes me happier than the fact that Fayose has also signified an interest to run for Presidency.

If we could add Ben Murray Bruce to that mix, then rejoicing would overflow. The reason I have this sentiment is because I think the more the merrier. In fact why not spice this up a little bit more, let’s see men like Tuface and Charlie Boy from the entertainment industry. This could potentially put the stakes in a much better place than what we already have. With the right amount of competition, we may yet prove that leadership is not a birthright of anybody.

Since the Atiku and OBJ fallout in the latter part of Baba’s administration, one would expect that these men would leave the run for power to the younger men. However, we can see that the media is feverishly selling an Atiku Presidency to us. We are still struggling with a present evil, and already our future is probably sold out to the same endless cycle.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Fayose in that office for a change? Wallahi, this man has been one sore thumb in the current mess we have. Shebi we should just give him a shot for all the noise he has made?

Think about all the common sense Ben Bruce has been making, he seems to have a good grasp of what’s wrong with Nigeria. Let him also campaign mbok. Talk is cheap, they say, but this is at least one person who is obviously passionate about being different. Must we wait for him to be old and grey before allowing him to finally make some presidential sense?

Africa as a whole has a tendency to overrate old age, we expect too much from old men. This has not helped us. Obviously wisdom in old age is a myth; Nigerian politicians have proven that. It’s more like overgrown toddlers running the ship aground. If we would be choosing anytime soon, it would only be sane that we have as many young bloods giving these people a run for their money.

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