Nigeria’s minister for communications wears gloves to avoid female contact


Whenever you think you’ve heard it all, here comes new gist to blow your mind afresh.

Adebayo Shittu - Minister for Communications

Nigeria’s newly appointed minister for communication, Adebayo Shittu, has previously refused to comment on Boko Haram for fear of his life:

I want to assure the Senate that I do not consider them as Muslims.The behaviour and activities of terrorists are indeed un-Islamic. You can’t claim to be a Muslim/Christian and be killing innocent people who have done nothing to you.But I won’t say much on terrorism because I have a family to take care of.

A minister for communications? Afraid of communicating? Biko what else does his brief hold?

Secondly, he refused to levy a much-deserved fine against MTN, claiming that Nigeria has no intention to chase South African telecoms giant from her shores and is afraid that MTN might find the substantive fine too heavy to carry.

That statement alone lets me know that he doesn’t use MTN. The money they steal daily from Nigerian customers in the name of promo is diezillions!

We were still over here shaking our heads at the weirdness and wonder of it all, when news has emerged that he wore gloves at a recent welcome party hosted by his committee of friends as a deterrent for touching female flesh. He is quoted as going so far as to say that the embargo on ‘touching body’ extended as far as his wife if she were nearby.


Oh, the wife is the one to his right by the way.

What can I say? Perhaps he heard about protection and wore the glove on the wrong organ.

Everyday new new thing dey happen for that Nigeria.


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