Nigeria’s UNITY, not its governing structure, is non-negotiable


When a president says Nigeria’s unity is its sovereign right and is non-negotiable, that president is simply doing his/her job.

The constitution commands the president to keep Nigeria safe. Part of that involves keeping Nigeria as a united sovereign nation.

Buhari and the PYO have stated Nigeria’s UNITY is non-negotiable. This means that Nigerians staying as one nation is not open to negotiation.

However, neither have said – “Nigeria’s structure or the way it governs itself is non-negotiable.”

Could we imagine the daftness of a President stating – “Nigeria’s unity is open to negotiation”? Open season negotiation would begin!

Sooo, if Badagry wants to join Republic of Benin, let us negotiate? If Borno wants to become part of Cameroon? No worries, let us negotiate ooooo. When Ijebuland demands it should become an independent sovereign nation, let negotiations begin. In fact, the entire country can be negotiated away sef. 😉

Those who want to talk about re-examining the structure of governance should stop conflating that with secession. They are different things. Every Nigerian president is elected and tasked with the job of keeping the nation safe and secure. From enemies external and internal. That is Nigeria’s president’s constitutional obligation.

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  • What’s d meaning of UNITY?

    What’s also d meaning of NEGOTIATION, b4 non-negotiable.

    If our unity is non-negotiable y dialogue with militants da threatens Nigeria’s unity. Allow them na to continue with there activities or engage dem in a fight n c d outcome. We all know d outcome.

    Y pay militants monthly allowance?

    Y build cattle ranches for herdsmen that threatens d countries peace n unity??

    When u dialogue, u bargain, u exchange something for peace (in our case millions were given to militants n also monthly allowance).


    Its high time they negotiate with biafran agitators, after now it will b impossible.

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