Nnamdi Kanu should be arrested for flouting all his bail conditions


Those justifying Nnamdi Kanu and his flagrant disrespect for the law, asking President Buhari to ignore him, sound eerily like those who justified Shekau and Boko Haram in 2011 and asked President GEJ to ignore him.

We all know how badly that silly advice played out for Nigeria.

Appeasing potential terrorists never works – they just become more emboldened and more violent.

Feel free to not like Kanu’s comparison to Shekau. Many also did not like Yusuf being called a terrorist.

Na from clap dance dey start. When a man openly tries to raise funds to buy weapons to overthrow the legitimately elected Nigerian government, when he blatantly flouts all his bail conditions, when he creates a private army aka ‘Biafra Security Services’, when he openly threatens the security services with death if they try to arrest him, then he is sliding into the domestic terrorist box.

The new argument is restructure Nigeria so Kanu’s agitation can cease. So the nation should give into blackmail because someone threatens mayhem and violence? Continue with that fallacy! Lol.

There is a right to a peaceful agitation for self determination. There is NO right to a violent struggle, and neither is there any right to try to create a state within a state.

Nnamdi Kanu should be arrested for flouting all his bail conditions. The heavens will not fall. He is not above the law. The FG should not let another man plunge a region into violence and anarchy.

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  1. Is it Nnamdi Kalu that put Nigerian where they are today? Is Nnamdi Kalu the cause of Nigeria problem? Why don’t this useless channels their energy on finding solutions to all Mountain of problems they inflict on Nigerian and lives Nnamdi Kalu alone. What is the meaning of this reckless used of silly state power. Ordinary can Muhammadu Buhari face Nnamdi Kalu intellectually? What is the meaning of all this noise from useless irresponsible beggars cal Northern elders. They should b very very careful. Today Nigeria is not yesterday Nigeria. We have had enough from those idiots that cal themselves Northern elders. They have cause so much trouble in this Country. They should b warn.

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