Noble Igwe Attacked Over Clamping Down on the Internet Fraud Culture in Nigeria

Noble Igwe

Unfortunately, Noble Igwe has become the next target of Yahoo boy’s advocates.

In a series of tweets, he clamped down heavily on internet fraud, saying that people steal and then turn around to blame the government for making them criminals. That anyone who defends a criminal is a criminal.

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He also said that armed robbers on Instagram are regarded as G boys, when in reality; theirs is a different type of stealing.

This call out to Nigerians, especially the ‘big boys on IG’ started after a 360nobs report of EFCC arresting 12 yahoo boys at a club.

Trust Nigerians to turn on a person’s comment or opinion, without thinking first before spitting out their rotten bags of condemnation, some claiming that corrupt politicians are more of a plague than yahoo boys.

At this stage, I would rather advocate for efficiently attacking every form of fraud in Nigeria. Whether politician or petty thief. For they all contribute to the fall of this country.

Internet fraud does not only affect those who are scammed, it also affects our travels to the western countries, as bad as it influences and motivates xenophobia attacks on Nigerians.

This is why a lot of Nigerians are shocked at popular comedian and speaker @Oyemykke who in his twitter video called Noble Igwe names for being vocal against this menace. He repeatedly called Noble a snitch, despite claiming to only know him from afar.

As one of the major celebrity influencers we have stands to lend his voice to fighting for a better Nigeria, we have another pulling him down.

This culture of crime and the loyalty they get from such influencers and Nigerians need to end. We cannot keep pledging our allegiance to people who do not care about how their greed affects us.

Honest and legitimate works cannot have become such a past time, that we now openly ridicule those who condemn crime.

This cannot be the same Nigeria we all claim to love. With these kinds of responses, it is obvious that we are not ready to eradicate crime and fraud in Nigeria.

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