Not all that glitters is gold: beware ‘entrepreneurs’ who feign success to lure you!


We’ve all seen and read the sales patter before – this time last year, I couldn’t eat, my wife was pregnant for the third time, I had just been made redundant from my job, the bills were piling. Today? Pow! Bang! Boom! Check out my brand new Mercedes and my lovely yacht. Wanna be great just like me? Take money out of the money you don’t have and send it to my account because – money. Gimme.

The strategy hasn’t changed, the ploy remains the same – people are looking for an easy way around doing the things that they KNOW has no easy solution. But they’re hoping against hope. That perhaps this will be the miracle answer, that perhaps they will finally get to earn six figures while sitting their asses down on a beach somewhere. And there are people out there waiting to fleece people for that hope.


What to look out for:

Let’s take Kafila: she’s tired of the daily grind and sees a sales page that catches her attention. Just $129.99 and this guru will tell her all he knows about building the perfect business. $129.99 will make all her problems go away.  Mojitos, here comes Kafila!

Knowing yourself to be a smart person, she decides to do her homework. Okay, the guru pasted these blurry PayPal payments screen shots on their sales page, and testimonials from people called Kevin J. from Sunderland, but she’s too smart to fall for doctored evidence, right?

So how else can we tell if someone is who they say they are these days? We look for social media endorsement. Likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter and Instagram, massive circles on Google Plus.

Except of course social media likes, followers, and fans can be bought. Figures can be inflated. Website traffic can be doctored. Expensive cars can be rented and photo-shoots at beaches can be arranged for a small fee.

And why would Mr Guru go through all this? Because we have now been led to believe that this is what success looks like. We forget that although Richard Branson has a private island, he is more likely to be found pulling 12 hour work days behind his desk. Because making money, being successful, leaving behind a legend takes WORK. Not fannying about with sand between your toes, but real, hard graft.

Once Kafila buys into the ‘proof’ she can see, what normally happens is that she gets sucked into a funnel that will encourage her to pay more and more for webinars, seminars and courses that will take her to the promised land and the only person who gets richer is Mr Guru.


Am I saying you should never buy a product that will improve you in some way should you choose to? Absolutely not! I myself am a huge consumer of knowledge and yes, the best stuff isn’t free. But rather than look at all the trimmings, FOCUS on what your niche is and what results you wish to elicit from the product.

Be Careful!

Secondly, rather than seeking superficial endorsement, seek engagement instead. If Mr Guru’s Facebook page has 50,000 likes, but as you scroll down, you notice zero comments on his posts, this is a clear warning signal.

If Mr Guru lives in New York and specialises in face-to-face courses and seminars, if all his ‘friends’ live in Uzbekistan or write in Kurdish…consider yourself warned.

If Mr Guru wants to teach you the secrets of successful blogging, but the only blog you can find associated with his name was last updated in 2013 with minimal shares on the short-lived lifespan, hian – please don’t wait for Amadioha to reveal himself to you before you talk to yourself.

Think about your own unique journey, what you want to achieve, and what you will need to get there. Then source for established experts in this field who can help you. If they’re worth their price, even their freebie information or the way they answer questions in public forums will determine that for you.

Don’t believe the hype. You’re already well on your way yourself. Go for it!!

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