Should the NYSC Scheme Be Scrapped? Charles Uzor Certainly Thinks So


Were it left to me to decide, there would be no NYSC, no service year and CERTAINLY no camp.

With all the dust at Yikpata, there could be no doubt that dozens of young people uprooted from their homes will fall victim to all manner of illness within a short time.

And that was how I spent many wakeful hours dreading what might happen if we lost a corper.
Till today, I wonder what is alluring about 30 days in the very backwaters of civilisation.

Many youth corpers relished an opportunity to escape from the watchful stares of their parents and guardians. The few whom we believed were not strong enough to not darken the doors of our infirmary on a daily basis, received timely warnings to leave camp for their own good.
Most rejected our pleas outright.

Good a thing however, the NYSC staff responsible for the clinic were up – and – doing, conscientious folks, and we never lacked essential drugs for health emergencies.

By Jove, we even had a nebuliser! An equipment which cannot be found in many notable public hospitals in our cities.

I never met a team more talented than the young health professionals at the orientation camp; many a night, their collective foresight and diligence made the difference between a 4 week jamboree and a disaster of national proportions.

Sadly, lazy public officials must chop.
Someone has to make it by winning the contract to supply NYSC kits to eager school leavers.
What does it matter if a few people lose their lives in the process?
Oh well…

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