#ObamaFarewell: The Michelle Moment I took away from the president’s final speech

Barack Obama Michelle Obama

#ObamaFarewell: and so it was that the day came. He said his farewell speech as the 44th American President of America, and he had spoken so masterfully and seamlessly as he always does for almost 31 minutes, until he mentioned one word: “Michelle”, and then he stopped, the words ceased for almost a minute. In that minute of speechlessness, a tear or two escaped from his right eye, and the audience had gotten the memo as they clapped away…

….God! God! Oh my Lord! Don’t these two just ooze purposeful passion in its entirety! They both define some reinvented depth in the matter of matrimony! He just got speechless the moment he uttered “Michelle…”; that got to me! What a wow!

In that one minute, as Barack Obama wiped his tear and as Michelle beamed, obviously overwhelmed, one quintessential quote by the late Edwin Louis Cole came to mind as I watched on in endearment:

“A man doesn’t own his marriage; he is only the steward of his wife’s love.”

The awe of matrimony between these two teaches a lot; most prominently, that spouses just have to humbly submit to making conscious, knowledge-based and pride-proof efforts at truly complementing each other to a level of individual fulfilment and common greatness that is worth passing on as a monument, first to their kids (if any), then to the society, and then to anyone who cares.

Hmmmn, 2017 is just 1o days and 4 hours old, and I already have a timeless highlight!

Thank you Barack, waashere! But, awa boys maa miss e gan oh.

Michelle, osssheey baddest!


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