Ogun State adopts Korede, the chained child, but if I hear pim!

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Hmmmmm. There’s nothing in me urging me to haul hurrah at this news. This was a nine year old that was chained like an animal. And I am sure the gene of reprobate tendencies in most people in Naija will try rationalise the animal behaviour that led to this.  The chaining of the innocent boy.

And this same accursed gene will make some people utter balderdash like, “It’s all God’s doing, the boy would never have met the governor now if he weren’t chained…Hallelujah…ogooooo….hosanna…iye!”

Furthermore, don’t be surprised if you hear prayer points like, “Baba oh, let me be chained till I meet the governor! My chainer, where as you..come chain me oh!!!” Did we not hear of people praying for Olajumoke type of luck?

Anyway, we digress.

This is an update on Korede, the poor, poor boy who was found chained to a big log of wood in Ogun State. It’s inspiring enough.

News has emerged that the boy, Korede Taiwo, has been adopted by the Ogun State Government. The governor’s wife, Olufunso Amosun, has been to visit the boy at the Federal Medical Centre in Abeokuta, and is satisfied with the progress he is making.

Who is Korede Taiwo?

To those who do not know what we are talking about, it is this. A gentleman, Gabriel Omonhinmin, posted this on his Facebook wall a few days ago, and Nigeria hung her head in shame:

Korede Taiwo - Chained boy 1 Korede Taiwo - Chained boy 2

Korede Taiwo - Chained boy 3
The boy’s chains being sawn off. How? How can this happen? 🙁

The rumour mill revealed that the boy had been chained by his father; God knows why.

Ogun state says it will be responsible for the boy’s welfare and education which is all well and dandy, but what does this mean in reality?

  1. Does Ogun state have a fostering programme? Where will the boy eat? Sleep? Study?
  2. How will the funds for his welfare be meted out? To whom?
  3. What happens if his family want him back?
  4. Come to that, what happens to the father? Will charges be brought against him?
  5. How did this story come to light? Are there more children being harboured?
  6. How is all of this even a thing???

I wish him…I wish I knew what I wish him. For once, I have no words.

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