That’s how our Olori too put mouth on this gender equality matter

Queen Wuraola Ooni Of Ife

I have never said a word about our new Olori Wuraola, or Sonia Itohan Wuraola Otiti, wife to our king, the gatekeeper of the Yoruba people, the bastion of our culture and the upholder of our legends, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi.

I did not whisper a word about and of the salacious rumours that made the rounds about her before and during her marriage to the king. Not because I believed or disbelieved, but because it was none of my business or indeed, any of our business.

If he likes it then I love it. He must have consulted with the elders and they must have given their consent for that wedding to go through and for her to be crowned Queen. She’s alright in my book. No qualms here.

And it was all fun and games until she decided to open her mouth recently at a function in Maryland during her tour with her husband.

This woman said something something gender equality something something women can’t be the same as men…in fact, I’ll let you watch it yourself:


What is she saying? Must she talk? Is it by force to talk? Can’t she sit beside her husband looking all regal and bleached and sturves?? (Don’t lie and say you didn’t peep them knuckles. God hates lies). Why don’t people actually educate themselves on what gender equality is before actually speaking on it? Do you think gender equality is the same as gender replacement? Can a tomato replace an apple in a fruit salad? Does that make the tomato any less a fruit? Or can we use cabbage to make vegetable soup just because we recognise that all vegetables should have equal rights? Books are allowed in the palace, right?

Apart from the fact that she is NOT Yoruba, she could no more be monarch than Prince Phillip could be the ruler of the United Kingdom. The UK did not practice gender equality by having a female ruler; this is a blood sontin. Her ‘decision’ not to collect the crown and staff of office from her husband was not

Why did she even speak?

And while we’re on the subject, what the flaming, fiery HELL was that accent supposed to be? What in the name of Obatala is “impoltant“? Who did this? Who advised this? Who allowed this? No! We wee not take eet!

She maybe had a couple of good points but we’ll never know. Because all I heard was “Blah blah blah” Nobody asked you, Queen. Please take a seat.




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  1. She is correct! Very correct! Women cannot be men! They cannot be equal to men! Women equality to men is inconsistent with natural order. It is an aberration! Women, like men, have their roles to play in the natural system. They are not slaves but assistants to men who were designed by God to be head. This idea of gender equality is one of the many bad habits we have learnt from a deviant and destructive civilization called the white race! A true, typical African woman does not go against natural order i. e. God’s design! What we need is both gender working together within their natural role contexts to build decent society! Enough of this oyibo nonsense!

    • You are so lost! Who says gender equality is about women being men? My best friend was hired for a job along with 3 guys. Those guys were given accommodation immediately. She was told to wait.. “the company did not have female accommodation yet” She waited for 8 months.. and only got it when she started squatting with one of the guys in protest. Shey that one too is God’s design? Or are you saying that every woman is a helper to any and every man on the planet? Shey the Olori is helping or assisting her driver (since she is a woman and I assume the driver is a guy)?
      Please shut up and collect some sense. Natural order kor..

    • Oga pls what are you talking about?…what has thiscyour point got to do with me doing the same job as my male counterpart and being paid a lesser wage because am a woman…..that’s one of the main pursuits of gender equality, abeg!

  2. She married to a tribe that believes in tradition and custom. Moreover she’s a queen to the great Ooni, it will be wrong for her to support gender equality or else she will be seen as a disgrace to the position she holds. Please let her be she’s jst bn a royal wife

  3. I don’t blame her. I blame the people who asked her to speak!

    As to those who say women can not be men, of course we can’t be. We don’t have the right plumbing. (See what I did right there Rach? 😉)

    But I digress, the point is women are not trying to be a men. But are we equal though, that’s the question? Oh you bet we are and as a result you should accord me every opportunity that you would a man, including the salary for a job that either of us could do. Unless of course, you’re telling me the male brain and ergo way of thinking is superior and therefore deserves a higher pay.

    Men and Women are Equal. We think differently, sometimes, we act differently sometimes, We have different strengths sometimes.

    Equal just different! Now that’s what you call Gender equality.

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