How Omawumi stole our hearts by walking out on Gossip Mill Nigeria

Omawumi looks calm and self assured and she OWNED this interview. Kudis!

Omawumi stole our hearts by walking out on Gossip Mill Nigeria

Listen! All you journos, interviewers, bloggers, false rumour mongers and fake “We love you enough to give you the opportunity to dispel the rumour” people are gonna learn that Waffi pickin don’t play that, and Omawumi is not one to be crossed!

People thinking everyday is Christmas or every female celebrity is dumb enough to be led like the sacrificial lamb for slaughter at the altar of the Vox Populi. Una fada lap!

Omawumi was at an interview with a journalist from Gossip Mill Nigeria when the conversation went south fast. Unfortunately, this is the only excerpt of the video that we’ve seen (from what we hear though, the interview up to that point had been enjoyable and cordial which is unsurprising – Omawumi always brings the Waffi bonhomie to her interviews), we cannot judge the entire demeanour of the interviewer and guest, but it would seem that Omawumi was already het up from just answering a question on being put on a pedestal and being seen as a role model. In her words “Role model, you go come dey…person go come give me pastor work wey I no ask for!

If ever there was a word to the wise, this was it. Omawumi was saying, do NOT put me on a pedestal. Do not hold me up and cast judgement on my person. I no be pastor, Na sing I dey sing.

The interviewer, intent only on her “big scoop” and how to make her guest seem like a loose, amoral slut and a bad mother (face it, we know that this is what Nigerians think of women who drink and smoke), pressed on with “controversy that Omawumi is a mother, young girls want to be like her, but she has a smoking and drinking habit…”

The look on Omawumi’s face clearly shows that this is not a question she was expecting or had given the all clear. Celebs are briefed before any interview and some might say “I will not be answering questions based on xyz,” others say “Ask me anything.” While I understand that “Ask me anything” is carte blanche, a journalist is also expected to use their gumption and to tread carefully and with tact. If you’re going for a full-on exposé hot on the heels of some new scandal about them, then go for the jugular. But if they have some new single or album out and you’re trying to celebrate them, don’t prefix your question with “As a mother…” there is already JUDGEMENT in that phrase.

Omawumi looks calm and self assured and she OWNED this interview. Kudis!

Mek I tell una sontin: as she start that answer with “Ummmm…..” me don sabi say ogbono soup wan grow leg waka now now bcos Waffi woman mouth no dey ever dey dey wash man hand. So me sabi say dat “Ummmm….” na code for “I for tie-neck you for here beht I still get record wey I wan sell!”

And as for “giving you an opportunity to dispel the rumours,” child puh-lease! You set her up already to look like a bad woman, and a good interviewer does not come to the table with rumours. If you have some fuzzy pictures of her and her cigarette (since that is now a crime) or you have an eye-witness account of her child dying from lung cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, then come on with it, otherwise, ask a female artiste the same questions you would ask a man!

I know there are people who will say that her reaction was tantamount to admission but Nigerians talk regardless, no be today. The camps are split over Tiwa and TeeBillz. They’re split over who Tiwa slept with – despite her denying the rumours so…so much for “opportunity to dispel the rumours.”

Months and years later, we’re still talking about Toke Makinwa, about Annie Idibia, about Toyin Aimakhu…about all these female celebrities regardless of what they’ve said times without number on any given issue. So…to hell with people talking. Nigerians flap their jaws. Standard practice.

As for Gossip Mill Nigeria, their heading on that video on their Facbook page lets me know that they did NOT, in fact, wish Omawumi well and they should be ASHAMED of themselves:

A very Angry Omawumi Storms off interview after the host asks her About her Chronic Weed smoking and Alcohol Drinking Habits

The wording of this post is libellous and if I were Omawumi, I would sue them so fast, their heads would spin!

  1. “Very angry” – No, her response was considered, measured and appropriate. She did not raise her voice, she did not swear, she did not insult the interviewer.
  2. “Storms off” – She did not. She schooled this impudent little upstart and then she terminated the interviewer by stating that she was done. She did not get up, fling chair and storm off the set.
  3. “Chronic” – Is Gossip Mill Nigeria now putting salt and Maggi into the rumour they heard? When did it become chronic?
  4. “Weed smoking” – Really, GMN? You said smoking which anyone would allude to as cigarettes. If you cannot back this statement up with facts, we can only hope you have a good lawyer on retainer.

Anyway, suffice to say, we are 100% behind Omawumi on this one and I’ll bet you anything you like that this is the last time an interviewer will talk to her anyhow after this. Nonsense and strawberry! Waffi no dey ever dey carry last, pata pata na draw, and Omawumi rose triumphant out of this nonsense of an interview.

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  1. Why do Nigerians try as much as possible to bring there fellow citizen down,is everywhere may be is bcos some people are so foolish they will believe anything you tell them….
    Thumbs up omawumi,wish u d best

  2. A bit of diplomacy would have worked wonders for her reputation not acting like an angry hormonal bitch. I honestly could this behavior with her music that I actually really love.

  • Omawumi overreacted, what’s wrong with drinking and smoking(cigarettes)? It’s either you do or don’t. It’s not as if she was accused of doing hard drugs so why the unnecessary drama??? I guess the new trend now is emotional interviews.

    • @ememobong you are the only one I read is comment and I see good maturity brain in it cause what she did is fucking wrong, I don’t see any reason why she has to act that way cause she’s just asking her a question on the rumors on air and what I expect her to do is to defend her self and make it clear to her fans than she’s doing it or not…SIMPLE but all those celebrities always believe they are on-top they can do anything to embarrassed people and they forget they are some artist before them and they will surely be past to cause nothing shine forever….. Way baba frayo today way Africa shins today way Kenny Saint brawn way goddy and all so let’s always think all this is just vanity. Very rude woman

  • Please I wonder if some people even watched that clip. There was no question on whether she drinks or smokes, the question was how she shields her children from her drinking and smoking habit. How many women would be polite to anyone who remotely insinuates she is a bad mum? And walking off an interview isn’t novel with Omawumi, celebrities the world over walk of any interview where they feel disrespected or sensitive issues are raised. She isn’t the first and definitely not going to be the last. All she owes us is good music, we don’t care what is going on in her life as long as it doesn’t affect her music. That interviewer had it coming from the first question. I dunno why this is news.

  • What usually happens is that the questions to be asked during an interview are sent ahead to the celebrity through his/her PA. For you to go through and prepare answers.
    In most cases you have an hour or so to relax and chat with the presenter before you go on air.
    In the case of Omawunmi, its obvious that the presenter sprung the question on her. UNEXPECTEDLY! More like hitting below the belt. That was unfair and unprofessional.
    However, She could just have have responded by saying she would not answer the question. Finish!
    To have walked out of the set was bad. She has made the issue more than what it is. People now want to know if indeed she smokes and drinks heavily. Very unnecessary. Especially in this days of social media and cyber bullying. She owes her fans a duty of comporting herself. It comes with the territory.
    I think Omawunmi needs to drop all this her gra gra attitude.
    Na person dem call her Mama witch a la Tiwa Savage. She no para reach dis one. Haba!!😀😀😀

  • Abeg celebrity should go n sit down joo n stop insulting media weather bloggers, TV, online, they should know that is how they roll. It’s d business. If they can’t handle it then they are nt ready to b celebs. They should go n ask d Us ones they are copying

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