Ondo, can you just come alive please? Sayo Aluko

Ondo State

Viva Naija Ondo state

Ondo is the most naturally endowed state in Nigeria.

Ondo should be the richest state in Nigeria.

Ondo should be the state with the brightest economy in Nigeria.

Boundless hectares of visibly arable land. .Ondo’s got it.
Tenable ounces of Crude oil …Ondo’s got it.
Billion-Dollar worth views in the hills of Idanre…Ondo’s got it.
Amazonian stretch of forest reserves and an untapped coastline…Ondo’s got it.
Bitumen, cocoa, ore, iron, glass, timber, Ondo’s got all in abundant measures.

Aquinas, Fiwasaye, Victory college(s)…FUTA..,, great educational institutions…..I’ve seen great stuff in the 2 months here..

Ondo State

But, just like her father, Nigeria, Ondo has lacked Promethean leaders.

And now, Ondo is in debt, bad debt;
..and is accruing more debt.
..and, a prospective lender, has become a shameless serial borrower.

And now, Ondo owes her workers six months salaries.

And now, Ondo instead of being known as the brightest, most industrialized state in Western Africa, is merely tagged a “civil service” state.

But, Ondo is gearing to elect a new leader this year. …
Will leaders turn up, or will usual suspects do the usual? ..
This state deserves better in terms of leadership….

Well, I am Sayo Aluko, presently musing from one-named Apoi province in Ondo, and, in closing to these my Ondo musings stated above, I choose here to state the wise words of the great* Patience Jonathan, “Chai, diariz Goduo”.

Sayo Aluko in Apoi


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