Open telegram to Oga President Buhari re: foreign exchange

Buhari on the phone

Mr President, I always refrain from insulting elders, because I have my own at home too. But my Uncle Lawal, who is your age mate, jus phoned me from Lagos, now now now! He said that me, I should give you message about this foreign exchange of a tin.

“My dear Àlao, help me write this on that your Facebook telegram, or what do you call it…

Tell that Buhari, that I said his head is not correct o.

That he first blocked all the bureau de changes that you use to send money to me.

Then he is now selling all the remaining foreign exchange at Okirika Wake up prices,

To all those yèyè pilgrims that will probably not enter heaven anyway.

buhari making disgusted face

It will not better for the carpenter that put rusty nail in that his Fulani head.

Tell him o, tell him that it is me Akinkanju Olosupa Lawal that said so!”


“Ehn hen, Abdul Ganiyu, so when are you sending that money I asked you?”

“Erm erm…….. Uncle, you are breaking up……..”

“Hello? Hello…..?!”

Loba finish ???

 mazi abes corner - final

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  1. Dont be ridiculous, no government won’t do this in Nigeria.. Sebi he gave preference to fx for ppl going for pilgrimage? What about the past administration that sponsor ppl for free on pilgrimage…this is Nigeria u better get use to it

  2. It is really an irony, but if we all have memories, this same government gave a lower exchange rate for the christian pilgrims in the recent past and it was posted on this social media. It wasn’t bad then, but now that it is doing it to the other side, it suddenly becomes bad. What a hypocrisy. When ill-befitted benefit favours us, we clap and cheer but when it favours others that are of conflicting interest to us, we cry foul, the problem of Nigeria. But before u label buhari a tribalist and a religionist, we should remember that it is government that stop sponsoring of pilgrimage with government money. If he had wanted to favour religion, he wouldn’t have done that because there are more No’s of Muslim pilgrimages than the christian pilgrimages. I am very sure that if he had given the same privilege to dangote to bring in more rice and sell cheaper for Nigerians which we know dangote will exploit for selfish gain, u people would still have labelled buhari. Yet in both situations, Nigerians are the beneficiaries, but because one is for a particular religion that is not of interest to us and the other of a tribe that we hate, we cry foul. Meanwhile when pastor Tunde bakare raised in one of his sermons that some christian leaders got tax waver from government to bring in items for the church but used the waver for selfish business exploit, it was your usual touch not my anointed and a reign of curse on Tunde bakare even though he is a pastor. hypocrisy of faith in Nigeria is comparable to none all over the world.

  3. One of the founders /sponsors of boko haram paid dearly for the emergency of new boko haram.buhari knows daily activities of boko haram and felt threatened by his boy shekau so he planned for his removal

  4. This presidency is just tiring. One tries to take mind off their wahala and potpourri of stupid decisions, but,you wake up everyday to another stupid decision. It’s just tiring. ..

    Some of us haven’t gone over the western union thing the cbn did. ..,and this then happened. .rubbish oshi

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