The Orente Myth: Do they still exist?


A le maa l’owo lowo
Sugbon a l’alaafia
A le ma ni ile lori o, aiye wa dun bi oyin
A le maa l’owo lowo
Sugbon ani if’okan bale
A le ma ni ile lori o
Orente no dey complain oh!

“We may be poor
But we have good health
We may not own a building but we run a life sweet as honey
We may be poor
But we have peace
We may not own a building, Orente never complains”

The above is  translation of a few lines from the Song “Orente” by Adekunle Gold.  Very beautiful song with powerful lyrics and many guys like it because many of us “never really hammer and the hustle never ripe” so we just want a lady that will stay true while this hustle is being chased. Unfortunately, many do not believe Orentes exist and the ladies aren’t down with being Orentes anyway. What’s up with waiting on your broke behind when there are other people looking to step in and pick the bills (every bill) plus bonus?

The result is that guys have also stopped believing in the existence of Orentes in real life. In songs? yes but face to face? abeg abeg abeg. But Orentes do exist! I say this because I know many of them, strong women who today are reaping from the boys they helped grow into men (Somebody’s mind is already forming the “but some men will betray you blah blah blah” defence so I’m guessing that’s why you decided it had to be you leaving before being left right?)

The green grass on the other side may be fake and even if original, watered to fruition by someone else. Find your own and work on it.

Beyond the lyrical mirage, everybody likes the good things of life and even Orente wants to ride in a Bentley but the harsh truth is that not everybody will. It should not dampen our hustles or desires but while we are at it, why make the journey harder with worries and sadness, it is already hard enough as it is and this is where the Orente mindset is key.

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