The people I consider the real witches and wizards

witches and wizards

Allow me to introduce you to the word “vulnerable”.

Vulnerable people are those susceptible to physical and emotional harm. They are people who can be preyed on by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Ever wondered why witches and wizards are:

  1.  Poor children- physically and emotionally vulnerable?
  2. Special needs people – physically, emotionally, financially vulnerable?
  3. The elderly- physically and financially vulnerable.

You wonder why I have so much distrust and contempt for pastors? I’ve been a Christian and I’ve seen these “pulpit demons” destroy lives with their lies and predatory tactics on weak and vulnerable people.

In my opinion, witches and wizards are:

1. Witches are the Dr (Mrs) Imaobong Akon Esu-Nte who stole money meant to feed prison inmates thereby causing starvation and misery for hundreds of thousands of fellow human beings who happen to be on the other side of society.


2. Wizards are the Rev Kings who molest female church members and burn the ones who won’t sleep with them. He is on death row and wouldn’t be missed.

3. The officials of Federal Ministers of Health during Obasanjo and Yar’Adua’s tenure who stole money meant for children’s vaccines in Nigeria. This was money given by charity from other countries, But they stole it anyway.

4. People like Oyedepo and Adeboye who own private jets and still have the nerve to look the widow and poor Nigerians in the eye saying “pay your tithes”

5. Wizards are people like TB Joshua who will kill 100+ church members, lie about the cause of the accident, bribe journalists to cover it up, and still continue their ministry like nothing happened.

People like these ones are the witches and wizards we keep celebrating like angels.

We have been burning the innocent people while celebrating the evil ones.

Moral values. Do we have moral values as a society?

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