On PAIN – come, let’s talk


I wouldn’t choose it if I had a choice.
You probably wouldn’t too.
Not because it offended us in any way, but simply because it takes away from us logic, reason, sanity and our highly esteemed definition of ‘normal’.
It rocks our sweet sailing boat in very uncomfortable ways.
It shakes our concepts and makes us question all our preconceived thoughts.

Most of us would run away from it if we could. I know I would.
We would close the door right in its face if it ever showed up at our doorstep
We wouldn’t pick its call if it dialed our number. If we even had its number we would block it and prevent it from ever dialing our number.
The distance we would create between us and pain would be farther than the heavens from the earth.
Yes…it’s that serious an issue.

But pain isn’t polite
Its very rude in all respects
It doesn’t write a letter before it shows up
It doesn’t even ask if we’ve got time and space to accommodate it. I mean we are busy people na. Who has time to entertain a guest who would just come and cause mayhem in our properly arranged life. Who has time for that kind of rough play?
But pain knows none of this.

It shows up just like the sun in the morning, almost like there’s this schedule it works with that tells it to show up at a particular time even without being invited.


Folks…no matter how hard we try to put it at bay, it is one thing we can not do without.
And crazy as it sounds, I’m grateful for it.

Have you noticed how great things aren’t birthed on a bed of roses?
It’s the painful thorns that does most of the work
Pain brings with it dozens of lessons most of us are unwilling to learn
Sometimes these lessons have been taught us when we were on the bed of roses but I guess the bed was so comfortable we were overwhelmed by the luxury it brought to the point where we couldn’t understand the lesson being taught at the time. And since the lesson had to not only be learnt but fully comprehended, the thorns were used to do the work the roses could not do.

Salvation in all its splendor could not be brought forth by just words alone. Our big brother had to die. It came at a huge price. If He ran away from the pain of the cross, blocked it’s number, rejected its invitation or shut the door the door in its face, mankind would still be doomed till date.
Isn’t it just great that even the Saviour of the world at the point when pain was imminent, did not run, but faced it head on and won the victory at last. Once and for all.

We are treasures in crude forms, like diamonds in the rough, that require to go through the refining process. The fiery furnace of affliction – pain, that we encounter on our journey , does just that. You see, that’s how God uses ‘foolish’ things to bring about His award warning hat-trick in our lives. The very thing that was meant to harm and destroy us, is the very same thing God uses to bring about the best in us.
Francesca Battistelli sings
This is the stuff that drives me crazy
This is the stuff that’s getting to me lately.
In the middle of my little mess, I
I forget how big I’m blessed.
This is the stuff that gets under my skin.
I’ve got to trust that you know exactly what you’re doing might not be what I would choose but this is the stuff you use.

Man has gotten really confident, almost all sufficient in himself. Truth is God would not and did not create man to be self sufficient. I guess that’s why He didn’t even give us the ability to use up to 20% of our brain. His glory He would not share with anyone, not even the creature He created in His own image and likeness.
The life we’ve been given has got to have God written all over. And since God is too huge to comprehend and our life is encompassed in Him, it means that there are going to be moments in our lives we wont comprehend stuffs either. We are going to go through dark rooms so dim all we can literally see is just enough to take the next step. Nothing more!

Poppa wants fellowship constantly. You know you wouldn’t need Him as much if you could make all things happen for yourself by yourself. You might even be so busy fixing the many things that your ‘all sufficient’ self can fix, you wont have time for a Creator creature, Father-child hang out.
I love songs and the lyrics to this one screams out to me in deep ways.

Verse one
Let the Heroes rest
Let the striving cease
I lay down my crown
Here at your feet
I will trust
Here in the mystery
I will trust, in you completely
Awake my soul to sing
With Your breath in me
I will worship
And I, I will worship

Being an overcomer doesn’t happen in places where there is nothing to overcome.
Do you realize that the things you overcome are the same things that give you the title ‘overcomer’?
If there was nothing to overcome the term ‘overcomer’ would be unnecessary.

Wherever you are planted, you are meant to thrive regardless
Some folks run away from where they’ve been planted loosing sight of the fact that the very soil that helps them bloom is in the same place they ran away from.
Do not underestimate the power of the seed that has been planted in the lives we’ve all been gifted with.
The one who planted us knows the soil suitable for our growth. He chooses the soil, we don’t. And His choices are right every time. Our own job is not to go around looking for soil to bloom. Since we are not the ones that made seed planted in us, how do we even know the soil that would support its growth. We’ve been planted aright. All we just need to do is to tap deeply into our soil and bloom.

Heroes are not made in the comfort of the city but in the terror of the battlefield.
So stop running away from those battles. Embrace them. The battles are the catalyst designed to sporadically bring the greatness you’ve been created for into manifestation

We’ve got weapons people, just that those weapons won’t show up until it’s war time. Who needs a weapon when there is no war?
The strength of your weapon use is determined by how frequently you use them.
If your weapons have not turned up yet its probably because you’ve been running away from the battlefield.

The question is not whether there is a battle or not because there is always a battle. The real question is are you fighting? And if you are, what weapons are you using?

Yes pain hurts, but when we learn to let God work it out, we would realize that the momentary pain we go through, in the hands of the Master, is used to bring forth the greatness in us that goes way beyond a moment.

Just a thought.


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