Pastor Adeboye says his message is not for everyone – and I agree!


Pastor Adeboye received a lot of flak recently for some of his comments on the criteria for marriage. People lost their God-given minds over matter wey no consine dem. There was plenty gnashing of teeth from the men. There was a lot of bra-burning from feminist women. Mostly women who cannot cook, I suspect, but you didn’t hear that from me though. So loud was the kick-back, that Awon Daddy Wa had to say this on his Facebook profile:


Some said he was speaking from a generation gone by. Cooking is not the bedrock of any sensible marriage, they cried. Prayer for one hour ke??? Who has power for that one?! Someone even went to the effort of trying to clarify once and for all what it is that Nigerians want in a wife:

Y’all need Jesus.

The Man Wasn’t Talking to You!

What I’ve noticed is that Nigerians like looking for things to get irate about. Like they don’t already have enough on their plates. So, I shall try to explain the essence of minding your business.

If you were to ask a Olympic athlete what is important in a woman, he would probably say “Don’t marry a woman who is not sporty in some way and don’t marry a woman who does not have her own job, hobbies and pursuits.” This is because he would not match well with a couch potato. And because he will dedicate a lot of his time training. Your life can’t revolve around him because his life revolves around his sport.

If you were to ask a classics writer the same question, he might say “Wife that does not know her Shakespeare from her Dickens, is that one wife?”

So you see that when a man is talking from the pulpit to a congregation of people that he hopes to groom in prayerful-ness and spirishuality, it is essential that he talks about these virtues.

And yes, if you do not know how to cook as a man, culinary skills in a wife should be high on your priority list! Abi you want mek alarm wire the guy quench??

Learn to Mind Your Business

If I walked past a butchers and I don’t eat meat, I’d just keep right on walking. I wouldn’t get Twitter fingers and start going on about how hard I don’t eat meat.

And if I walked past a mosque and they were doing the Call To Prayer, please are they talking to me, a non-Muslim? No. So if Pastor Adeboye said to a bunch of Redeemed people that one hour prayer is the future, please why are you crying? Was he talking to you? Even if you are Redeemed and between you and your spouse, you can only muster five minutes of nonstop prayer, does that mean your marriage is a farce? Or is there a possibility that people who need certain messages should take certain messages?

It just seems like people just want to talk. Mind ya business. Make like Uche and face ya work.

God bless you.

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