Pastor Chris’ Message on Marriage Causes Twitter Uproar


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has been trending all dayon twitter due to his message on submission in marriages.

The way people are attacking Nigerian pastors these days, it seems a lot of Nigerians are growing increasingly uncomfortable with their sermons. It certainly seems like the times of “Ride on, pastor!” – regardless of the message – is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

In a viral sermon by the acclaimed man of God, Pastor Chris said a husband should be regarded as a ‘Master’ and women should therefore not oppose their husbands.

The pastor further warned women against acting as a mother to their husbands, adding that a woman that dictates to her husband creates division.

Pastor Chris stressed that women were not in God’s original plan of creation but were created for men.

Pastor Chris said: “No husband wants another mother; he has had one all his life. A husband does not mean the male partner in marriage but your master and should be respected. When you marry a man, you come under his authority.

“God made the Woman because of the Man. Your secret in marriage is your obedience, listening to your husband and doing those things that please him not opposing him.

“When you take the role of his mother or sister, what happens is he starts seeing you differently. A man loves the one he serves [God] and the one that serves him, he fights the one that is at the level with him.

“If most women had their fathers talk to them in their marriage they would be very successful in their marriages. That’s their biggest problem; they don’t know who a man is. They think he is another woman.

“Women was not in God’s original idea, he made women because of man.”

However, a lot of Nigerians have been reacting to the pastor’s message with many criticizing him, while others were in agreement with his message.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians on Twitter:

@Joshuanakoro “Message to Pastor Chris you are wrong. God created living things male and female for the purpose of recreation. Each one compliments the other.”

@Naijaatheist “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is very right. I dare any Christian feminist to counter his speech with Biblical reference.”

@Mariogaa “Pastor Chris couldn’t keep a woman but he’s out here giving marriage counsel. Ewww.”

@Queeninghere “Pastor Chris legit said “Husband doesn’t mean the male partner in a marriage, it means master” He just implied that wife means SLAVE.

“It’s sad how religious leaders sanctify social constructs like misogyny and the oppression of women.”

@Henny “Okay I’m not particularly a feminist but I strongly disagree with the idea that “women were not in the original plan of God” God knows the end from the beginning, his plan has always been for us to multiply so can Pastor Chris explain his point further.”

@John_Abraham200 “Pastor Chris is correct from the Biblical POV. If you have a problem with that then go and argue with God. Period!!!
Ephesians 5:21-25 .”

@Emmanueladache “Pastor Chris nailed it right there. But Nigerian men you have to calm down and take it easy o don’t use your power like your president o.”

@Onos147 “Feminists will disagree with this video, but the lessons in it will make any woman who desires a happy marriage appreciate those words of Pastor Chris. You must understand what your employer wants and not the other way round.”

@Houseofsure10 “What Pastor Chris said is not for all women. If the word is for you take it, and if is not meant for u walk past it. No be force.”

@Indliteoftruth “If you are a Christian and you disagree with Pastor Chris. Shame on you. It’s better you stop being a Christian.”

@Joe_Edem “If You Have A Problem With Pastor Chris. Throw your bible away. There are million ways to show the bible puts man as head whether the man is qualified to head or not. In Life today, being the head of anything has to do with deserving it through output, results, and potential.”

@Osam_ “First, Pastor Chris was not wrong when he said husband means master. Pastor Chris described the ideal Christian marriage which preaches submission, not equality. If you’re not a Christian, his message doesn’t concern you. ”

@Miyin “Well, on Pastor Chris’ 2-min clip, since they’ve said we’re slaves, you people should remember that masters “provide” for their slaves oo. And a slave is never “richer” than the master.”

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