Patience Ozokwor shares how she abandoned a man she loves for one her mother chose


It’s kinda weird reading about the ‘popular Nigerian wicked mother’s love life, is it?

But, it’s not; if you think about it. She’s only human after all, and really beautiful at 60 if you ask me!

If you read this however, you will definitely get some closure on how Patience Ozokwor has been able to easily pull off her wicked mother and step-mother roles in Nigerian movies. 

Her mother was really strict apparently.

Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, has shared that her mother had a role in her early marriage which happened with a man she chose for her.

This meant she had to abandon her romance with another who was studying at a university when her forced the decision on her.

She said in a report by Punch News on Saturday, March 23, 2019, that she could not resist her mother because during her days as a youth, parents usually decide who their children will marry.

Despite being unable to make a choice about the man she married, Patience Ozokwor, has stayed in her union for many years, almost as if they were betrothed.

“No, I wasn’t betrothed to him, but my mother was a kind of woman that always liked to punish any child that misbehaved publicly.

“You know all those Christian mothers that would be in the disciplinary section to punish children. So, she didn’t want her child to come out of secondary school and not get married because she was afraid you could bring her to where she had been punishing people.

Sigh.. We thank God for future. 

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