The picture-perfect wedding of celeb photographer Michael Tubes and wife Christina


If a photographer is worth their salt, their pictures will make you feel as though you attended the event yourself. And if you did attend, every time you saw the picture, you would be thrown back to the sights and sounds of the day. It takes skill to capture a moment, a feeling, a fleeting thought. And there are few who capture emotions as well as Michael Tubes.

Michael has worked with most of the biggest names in Africa and beyond. From Angelique Kidjo to Flavour Nabania, his work is renowned for its realness. He captures a moment in time that so few can. It is therefore not surprising that his own wedding would be picture perfect; the stuff dreams are made of.

©Kevin Obosi|The couple, Michael Tubi and his bride-to-be, Christina Kalejaiye looking calm and in love on the days leading up to their wedding.

On Thursday, 25th August, 2016, London’s elite – as well as noted names from much farther afield – gathered in Essex to watch Michael Tubes take a bride. On the breathtaking premises of Braxted Park, the couple decided to make a day of it. A sweet traditional wedding in the morning, a poignant church service in the afternoon, and a fun-filled reception later in the evening.

The bride and her maids against the stunning backdrop of Braxted Park.

You would think that a service held on a Thursday would have scanty attendance, but you would be wrong. Somehow, the Tubi and Kalejaiye family entertained over 300 guests and still managed to make it look effortless, elegant and intimate!


The traditional family particularly struck a chord as the proceedings was a first for me. The bride’s family did away with a lot of the moneyed aspects of the ceremony. This meant that there was not the incessant proffering of trays soliciting for money for this or that. The end result? A ceremony that made the most of the beauty of our culture (such as the friends of the groom prostrating for the bride’s parents in please for their daughter’s hand) while eschewing the more vulgar aspects of the tradition like the continuous requests for money.

“May my crown fit only your head, my king”

I wish I could tell you more about the church ceremony but I can’t. You see, I attended the ceremony standing outside in the gorgeous summer sun. Yup, the church was packed to the rafters and there was no more room at the inn. We could hear the hymns emanating from inside however. We also heard the vows as the church fell into a reverent silence as the couple pledged themselves one to the other.

Our couple made a dazzling entrance as they entered the reception hall. They smiled, they danced, and they kissed – almost nonstop. surrounded by friends, family and UK celebrities, the couple dazzled into the night.

Our bride! Let me tell you all about our beautiful bride! Christina Kalejaiye is the most radiant example of melanin you could ever hope to meet. Talk, slim, dark as a clear night and twice as lovely, our bride is  everything and a little bit more.

Ms Kalejaiye is not just a pretty face either. Working as a rehabilitation therapist, she is as intelligent and gifted as she is beautiful.

Last Thursday, we witnessed a union so beautiful that the heavens themselves approved. The sun shone bright and hot; the clouds gave way to love. We ate, drank, danced and smiled into the night. We were so so proud to be part of #Tubes 2016!


*And so, while we wait for the official pictures, all pictures courtesy of the bride and groom’s friends and family.

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