Poor men! From Debt December to Just-Long January and now Valentine Fever February!

Man with head in hand

It is February 1st!

Another 14 days of agony for we Men!

After surviving “Spending December” and “Brokage January”.

From today, the wives, girlfriends, side-chicks, front-chicks, wannabes and soon-to-bes will change!

They will start being nice and sweet to us, best behaviour and tings. ❤️💕🌹

You will now be seeing posts like, “Things A Loving Man Should Buy His Woman For Valentine’s Day”. 💃🏻💃🏻🌹

With 1000 likes and comments. From women only o!

Till February 15th, when they have collated all their lovely gifts, and handed over the mandatory coffee mug, bought-in-traffic handkerchief, or woollen socks, plus one quickie sex in the car.

They will now return to normal; removing “Darling” from your name.

“Morufu!” “Demola!” “Femi!” “Sule!” “Sugòmu!”


Brothers, I see you o, jus accept your faith laik that.

We haff to live with their wayo, whether we like it or not.

Even gay people have their own problems o. Eiissshhhh.


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