Poverty is not a virtue


Each time I say “I will NOT marry a poor man”, there are always these sets of people who either come at me with their sermons, or attack me straight up.

And quite a lot of people also derive pleasure in putting up posts like this:

“Ladies, would you rather marry a rich man who beats you than a poor man who loves you?”

On such posts are the police ready with their very stale and boring lectures like “The poor man with a vision is better than the rich man with a television”…. bla bla bla…..

For a start, who told you Nigerians that every poor man is nice and every rich man is bad? Who told you that every poor man has a vision?

You people watch too much Nollywood.

From observation, the worst husbands that I’ve seen and heard about are actually poor men.

It might not be your fault that you are poor, but please, stop making poverty sound like a virtue. POVERTY IS NOT A VIRTUE!!!

There is nothing cute about poverty.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in a woman saying that she wants to marry a rich man.

STOP guilting them.

The decision to marry a rich man is as legitimate as the decision to marry a poor man.

I don’t understand why it is ok to say you can’t marry a woman who isn’t submissive and/or who can’t cook, but it’s not ok for a woman to say she can’t marry a man who isn’t rich.

Dear ladies,

Don’t let people bully you into silence. If your desire is to marry a rich man, SAY IT! Don’t put up some “pretentious sister Mary” tales about coping with a poor man because he is going to get rich some day.

Let me tell you a truth that many fail to tell you; your poor husband might never become rich. As a matter of fact, the odds are higher that he will remain poor.

If you want to marry a poor man, do so because you love him, and can cope with poverty, and you don’t mind living in penury with that man.

But if you are listening to all those stories about how poor men can become rich, how some madam married her husband when he was poor and now he is a Billionaire, therefore you believe your poor boyfriend will definitely become rich, disappointment might await you, my dear. You might live the rest of your life anticipating something that might never happen.

Only a fraction of poor men actually end up “stinkingly” rich. Most of them become either people of the lower average class or they remain poor, maybe poorer than you met them.


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