The power of the wedding ring


I’m a ring person, been crazy about them rocks since I was a girl. It’s rare to find me without one,  something just has to sit on the wedding ring finger or middle finger.

Now, I have had several experiences because of my obsession with rings,  but the most recent had me seeing reason with some ladies who clamour to have that ring and the title MRS attached to their names.

I was done with getting my car fueled, alighted from my vehicle to talk to the manager at the filling station when this young man called me Madam. I corrected him saying,  “I’d prefer you address me as sister, I’m not madam.” He replied and said,  “But you’re married naaa!” I replied “No, I’m very single.”

He didn’t stop, referring to my ring. I told him I just loved wearing rings. Just then his companion stepped in and asked how a single girl like me would be driving the kind of car I had parked outside, stating that I was not in fact supposed to buy a car as it would make men see me as promiscuous.

He got so bold as to ask how I got money to buy a car when some men couldn’t even afford half the cash. He went further to say men will feel intimidated around me when they saw me driving a car, and they will conclude that I was a runs girl (lmho).

Sincerely,  I was amused and as I stood listening to these young men, I wondered what the future held for the generation of girls on their way.

I wanted to walk away,  but I knew it will be wrong so I educated them thus:

A lady doesn’t necessarily need to be promiscuous to own the luxuries of life.  And she does not have to wait till she’s married to spend the money she worked hard for.

I have a good job,  so,  why can’t I spoil myself and give myself a comfortable life?

Opening my purse, I showed them my work ID card and they both screamed “Chineke eeh! Madam, no man will marry you ooh!” one of them said.  I couldn’t hold the laughter as I walked on to the manager’s office.

About forty-five minutes later, as I was walking out with the manager towards my car,  they had already drawn the attention of four other young men to me, I smiled and waved at them as I stepped into my car and drove off.

As I drove to my destination, I just knew that if I wasn’t the dogged and resilient type, such an encounter would be enough to make me just marry any man so as to conform to societal perception and demands.

Like I always say: never let society push you into the wrong marriage. Wait. It will happen.

While waiting, give yourself all the treats and love you can afford.  When your spouse comes, they will accept the person you are, complement you and walk with you to all lengths of happiness and fulfillment.

Thanks for reading.  As usual, please share your thoughts, comments and suggestions.



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  1. Being married and living a comfortable life as a single woman are two different things ke. If a single lady works hard and can afford to spoil herself with all the good and necessary things of life, then so be it, any man that gets intimidated over such is not a real man to start with.

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