Prejudice and patriarchy persist as Nigerian Senate rejects gender equality bill

women's rights
Borrowed from Quartz Africa. Because no image is more fitting.
women's rights
Borrowed from Quartz Africa. Because no image is more fitting.

Most times, Nigeria just breaks your heart. Breaks it into smithereens and when you think you cannot hurt anymore, it stomps on the broken pieces and makes you whimper with pain at the futility of a nation that always seeks to punish the innocent and protect the guilty.

You fight and you talk and you reason and you beg, and still men such as Emmanuel Bwacha will stand in the Senate and speak against a Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill that was meant to move a nation forward and give us all equal rights, on the basis of a deep biblical and historical perspective.

This Bill did not even make it to the second hearing.

Gve me a minute please. I’m short of breath while yet looking for words. Please. Bear with me…

Basically, this Bill focuses on eliminating discrimination based on gender in the fields of politics, education and employment. It also prohibits violence —domestic and sexual—against women. Widows were to have protection from inhuman, degrading treatment; young girls were to be protected; wives were to be treated like humans; social mores and practices were to be modified to allow for the liberation and equal treatment of women.

Emmanuel Bwacha and his cronies were not having it however. He insisted that women were dirt, scum, less than animals, and upheld this view using the Bible and tradition alternately as grounds for ongoing prejudice and violence against women.


Posterity will remember you, Bwacha, as the man who had the opportunity to protect the weak, the feeble, the oppressed and did not rise to the challenge. For shame.



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  1. This news left me breathless. The worst part for me was not that the Senate rejected an equality bill no; the worst part was that the Senate rejected a bill that was trying to legalise the most basic of human rights! That parties to a marriage should both be consenting (before nko?) That the legal age of marriage should be 18 (why does any one want to marry someone younger than this?) That widows should be able to inherit their husbands OMG! Honestly I can’t breathe from the sheer barbarism of the country called Nigeria

    • Ronke I was struggling for breath. What the Senate said was: women are scum. You will take whatever treatment you get and you will be grateful for it.

      That’s what our fathers, husbands, brothers and uncles told us today.

      These men will go home and somebody will cook for them, cater to them and open leg for them. They will degrade this person in the most inhuman way possible and life will continue.

      Because that is what Jesus died for.

  2. Ladies better rise up. You shouldnt take this sitting down. Ladies kniw all the bedroom secrets. Expose them, Go on strike, No more Sex, No more cooking, no work, no nurses, no food, no civil service work. Women should plan a day or a week to take off. Stop what you are doing. These guys are archaic primitive thinking dolts in the congress of baboons!! This is embarrassing…. in 2016????

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