Product Reviews: The New Addiction for Window Shoppers


One big annoyance for shop owners are the customers who stare all day and never buy. The seller’s hopes are raised and dashed as the shopper walks away with absolutely nothing sold. At the same time, it takes a lot of courage to go window shopping when you actually are not ready to make a buying decision. What if shoppers could get a feel of what they want, browse through image galleries, and get a matching description that provides all the relevant information that fulfils their need to window shop or find information before making a buying decision on a later date.

Product reviews serve at least two important needs which are:

  1. 1. Emotional Satisfaction: As a shopper who just loves stick your nose in show glasses, some times its just for satisfaction you derive from taking a stroll, sizing up items, admiring them and spending some time looking at the new items on the display.
  2. Informed Purchase: some times you would choose to window-shop maybe a few months ahead in the hopes that you could pick the best deals when you are ready to buy.
  3. Product reviews have successfully helped a lot of shoppers to have those moments of excitements and thrill, while they also give relevant information to those who would hopefully make a buying decisions later on.

For example, let’s say you are a mum who likes to stay fit. You’re serious about your morning jogs and evening strolls. You want your baby in the perfect stroller that would fit comfortably into your jogging routine. It’s very likely you would find Melissa’s Review very useful.

Other times, your interest could be drawn to finding the perfect hiking pants. There are a lot of awesome review sites that allow you a variety of choices while highlighting the best features for each one. An example that readily comes to mind is GearWeAre’s review that even comes with feature items like the functionality, flexibility, comfort and weight.

Willdicen has also done a very great job with a 2016 review of  Crocs footwear, “10 best Crocs Shoes Reviewed and Tested for Comfort”. In a lot of cases, third party sites like Jane’s Kitchen provide reviews of items that are peculiar to their target audience and this helps shoppers to quickly identify the most optimized content for making choices between several products within a brand or across several brands. Marianne’s “Best Vitamix Blenders Reviewed” provides all the essentials and more on Jane’s Kitchen, you should find the perfect blender for your kitchen.

A Deloitte research in 2014 reveals that digital data influenced 49 percent of consumers before they made an in-store purchase, shop fronts are rapidly losing the appeal they once had and reviews are fast becoming the alternative for consumers. This alternative provides both the the excitement and thrill of new product appraisal and gathering of relevant information required before a purchase decision.

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