Ten Thoughts On The Proposed Sale Of Some Nigerian National Assets


On the proposed sale of Nigerian assets, my suggestions are:

  1. Sell the refineries.
  2. Sell the presidential fleet.
  3. And sell the airports via concessions!
  4. Sell the stadiums via concessions.
  5. When the trains are up and running, let the government keep control of the tracks and infrastructure, but lease the rights to operate the lines to different operators for a specified no of years: maybe 5 – 10.
  6. Sell The National Theatre on a Public Private Partnership. Let Govt insist that there is a Theatre/performing Arts element. Private investors should leap at the chance to create a multi-use development with hotel, residential accommodation, offices, shops etc on this valuable site.
  7. Consider selling a stake in NTA. NTA also has valuable property assets. Look at joint-venture projects with developers.
  8. Sale and lease-back of the NASS complex. Sell it on a 30 year lease to institutional investors who will be attracted by the guaranteed rental yield.
  9. Any business that the Federal Government owns that is simply gulping money needs to be sold by the FG to the private sector. Insist on private sector operators with proven track records.
  10. Let the sales be open and transparent, with open fair bidding. No cut-price sales to friends and cronies.

Above all, we (the nation) want to know what the money will be spent on. If it is to fund govt excesses and the country’s importation addiction, that is of no interest to us.

However, if it is to build valuable infrastructure that will develop Nigeria economically, then begin the sale tomorrow! Lol!

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