PSquare will make heaven based on their new hit Nobody Ugly [WATCH]


I swear it was time someone said what’s being said in the new song “Nobody Ugly” and I am glad it is P-Square that did the talking! Fadalud, but these ladies play too much with these filters and their social media handles! Ipaja-dwelling sisters talmbout “Just chilling at my crib” when they go visit their uncle at Lekki. Okokomaiko hoes lean up against a G-wagon that missed road into their area, talmbout “My boo’s ride is soooo clean”. Chile, just stop and sit down some place.

Y’all already know how I feel about that high life beat and Igbo words in song in general. From Flavour Nabania to Phyno Fino to P-Square all the way down to Harrysong, I’m here for that goodness. The beat does something to my soul, takes me back all native, and puts me in the mood for chilled palm wine and nkwobi, and I ain’t even Igbo at all. So when the beat started, I was like “Yum!”

And then came the lighthearted dig at these girls who be doing the most. Wallahi, P-Square captured all their shenanigans in “Nobody Ugly”! From the ones who window shop and then snap selfies, to those who pad brezz, all the way to those who buy Brazilian on credit, they came for ALL OF THEM. It was the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my sight, lemme not lie!

But you wanna know my favourite?? It was Sexy Bootylicious Twista!

As you dey for twitter, your name for Insta
Sexy Bootilicious Twista eh
Why you too dey lie eh eh eh
When nothing they to they shake o?
Wia the waste o???

Kai, this line sweet me pieces. That’s because I am one of those who are bum-deficient, but I have accepted my fate. I live in hope daily that one day IQ will be written on foreheads because if it’s about beauty…hian!!! So I have serious envy for girls who are bootylicious, but serious beef for girls who pad it or pretend at it. You can’t imagine the glee it gave me to find out that men sabi the scores too. Oh, praise God!

I guess I should do sharrout to all the babes in the video, they joined in the fun and played their parts well. The extra padding in the bra? Genius!

Y’all watch the video and let us know what you think. As for me and my household, this is our new national anthem mbok!


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