RCCG/Obazee saga: The Church itself is touching its anointed and doing its prophets many harm


The furore that has been generated over the sacking of the Executive Secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN), Jim Obazee, by President Buhari, following an RCCG/Pastor Adeboye twist, has been nothing short of tiring. More, shocking. While this piece won’t delve into the varying angles that the saga has been either analysed re-analysed and de-analysed; the way the self-acclaimed Church of Nigeria and its many self-sorting members, have tagged the whole thing as anti-church is as musing, and as I said earlier, shocking.

Obazee, now former Executive Secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN), was the person that approved the “Corporate Governance Code” into law, which prohibits leaders of non-profit organisations, including churches, mosques from being in office for more than 20 years. This law supposedly “forced” the General overseer of RCCG, Pastor E.A Adeboye, to announce his retirement last Saturday. Obazee’s sack followed in quick succession.

Jim Obazee, who was fired as the Executive Secretary of FRCN by Buhari on Monday

At first, I deliberately did not deem my energy worth linking Obazee’s sack to Pastor Adeboye’s ambiguous retirement. And I still don’t. Rather, my concern is borne out of a consideration of the millions who hurriedly took to different online platforms to tag the Obazee move as “an attack against the Church” and to conveniently defend his sack as deserved, solely because they believe he had touched God’s anointed in Adeboye. How terribly shocking.

Imagine what the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) said through their General Secretary, Rev. Musa Asake, in reaction to Obazee’s sack, boasting that anybody who fought with the church will find himself in a place that he/she doesn’t want.

“The sack of Jim (Obazee) is good riddance to bad rubbish. Anybody that wants to fight the church will find himself where he does not want. Jim got to the position by the grace of God, but set out to probe and destroy the church of God. I spoke with him several times on this issue but he wouldn’t listen. He was going to take the church to what is worse than Armageddon. Thank God the authorities have stepped in to right the wrong. He should have been fired a long time ago and we don’t know why he was left alone, but God’s time is always the best. That code should be thrown out completely because government should not interfere with the church. The church is a no-go zone for the government. Doing that has serious implications. It they attempt it, it will lead to confusion in the nation.”

Shocking, isn’t it?

The failure of the family institution in Nigeria has been fingered in many researches as the main precursor to the pressing challenges that besiege the nation, but now – and as it has been for a while – it’s obvious that the way many deify religion and men of God, short of facts, a working system and due process, has overtaken the failure of the family to become a primal precursor to our woes.

The fact that millions of Nigerian Christians self-sort facts to suit ministers of God, with obvious sentiment and without carefully considering the fact of right-over-might, is a pointer to why our collective woes won’t abate until a marked revolution of the mind of the average Nigerian is staged.

As I’ve read, the law in question was intended to entrench transparency and accountability in the running of registered religious organisations in the country. And this is what our religious legion barked against with one uniform theme song -“touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”.

Well, if only many of these overzealous ones knew that in sane climes, say in the U.K, religious bodies like churches are registered with the government as NGOs and charities, whose financial records and management are subjected to objective scrutiny, with that same intention of transparency and accountability. But my people? Touch not my anointed, and we dey wonder why we wander under ….psst!

Let the Nigerian Christian herd know, that by their continuous uncouth deification of men, they are not only already touching and harming the anointed, but also torching it, and it’s no wonder the moral fibre of the church is in flames.

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