Re: President Buhari Sallah greeting in Hausa


Regarding President Buhari Sallah greeting in Hausa? Bad optics. Poor counsel.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with President Buhari giving an interview or message or greeting etc to BBC Hausa (in Hausa), as he did not also give an interview/message/greeting in English to BBC Worldwide, it is extremely poor PR. That is, of course, assuming that was indeed the president. We now have reports reaching us that someone tried to copy the president’s voice, but it was not him. Something new in Nigeria everyday…

What would have been a PR master scoop, however, would have been for his team to get him to give a short greeting in English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and possibly Pidgin. With those greetings widely broadcast to the respective audiences.

If he does stuff like that, no-one will care if he gives hour long interviews to BBC Hausa.

Optics and perception matter greatly when leading a ‘sensitive’ nation like Nigeria. Whoever his management are, they dropped the ball massively on this one.

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