The real reason why Clinton lost to Trump? Jonathan Pie thinks you’re not gonna like the truth


I have to say, I am completely guilty of everything he said in this video. For a very long time, the Liberal Left, so safely ensconced in their bubble of being the voice of all that was right, rode roughshod over any opinion that differed even slightly from theirs. If you didn’t fall in line with the most liberal of views, you were racist, sexist and bigoted. Those concerned about gay marriage or immigration were stifled. Their opinions were silenced by the holier-than-thou verbal assaults of the Far Left. And so, in the safety of a voting booth, they voted. And Clinton lost.


I have always said it that regardless of my feelings about Trump, I am nothing if not a gracious loser. Like it or not, He is the president elect of America, and we’re in this. So let’s see what the next four years bring.

In the mean time, we can only hope the Left learns from what has happened, and learn to open themselves to dialogue. Both Brexit and the US elections have shown that people are disgruntled. Let’s deal with this the right way. We’re all in this together now.

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