Reason #278642 why President Barack Obama is EVERYTHING


I’m no American and I certainly do not have a degree in politics. Please do not respond to this post with statistics, figures and reasons why you feel Obama failed America. Firstly, because I won’t understand it, and secondly because it won’t change how  feel in the slightest.

But I have NEVER seen a president who knows how to feel the pulse of his country, who bares his soul as though he were hurting too, who has aged, greyed and fought (sometimes unnecessarily so – cheers for nothing, Republicans!) for the nation he believes in, and who is a genius on the power of Social Media and speaking the language of the common man.

While the anyhow senate from my neck of the woods are looking for how to gag free speech on social media, Obama has ceaselessly harnessed all of its power to elevate himself to a glorious status that I only hope the American history books will remember in perpetuity.

Humans of New York (HONY) released a picture of a Syrian refugee scientist speaking in Turkey who had met with unspeakable tragedy in his home country and was en route to Troy, Michigan in search of safety – a place he’d never even heard of.

The usual HONY compatriots came out en masse and supported with comments…and then BOOM! Obama pops up in the HONY Lounge! He had this moving post:

Obama. Obama is simply everything. The compassion, level-headedness and strength of this man.

This story has gone viral and rich and poor alike are pouring their heart and their pockets out to this amazing man. Edward Norton has called to see how he can help, and a Troy native by name of Daniel Kang has raised in excess of $12,000.

There is still so much good in the world. Here is to humanity and to second chances.


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