The results are in! Clinton crushes toddler Trump in first US presidential debate


I mean, I feel sad that America even let it get to this point, but here we are. The first US presidential debate was held last night with Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump.

Trump gave us an insight into what the world would look like with him as the world leader. He was loud, rude, blustery, but ultimately did not have a plan or strategist for America. He made up words like “bigly”; confirmed that he had a plan which he simply could not reveal; and claimed Hillary had been fighting ISIS all of her adult life.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, cane prepared and ready to do battle. Trump, ever the playground bully, tried to make fun of her by stating that she came prepared. You know, the way kids in school used to make fun of the other kids who actually did their homework. He was NOT ready for the epic put-down.


The polls certainly seem to be on her side: CNN and ORC conducted after-debate polls and Hillary seems to have wiped the floor with Trump’s bad, bad wig.

The viewers rendered their verdict: it was an absolute slaughter. CNN’s poll shows 62 percent of those who watches the first debate felt that Hillary Clinton won, while only 27 percent said that Trump was the victor. A separate poll from PPP, meanwhile, also gave a win to Clinton, by a 51-40 margin. For once, the pundits, the pollsters, and the people all agreed.

But is the race over? Far from it. Hillary can neither slack nor relent; the people who are still on the fence need to MAKE A DECISION and they need to vote for the future of not just their country but the safety of the First World.

The time for play is over. This is not the finals on Big Brother or The Last Bachelorette. This is real life, people: let’s secure our futures and that of our children.

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