Rule of Law?? Why are some Nigerian lawyers only just speaking up now? By Bucky Hassan


Imagine the absolute irony of some in the legal profession now finding their voice to speak ‘rule of law’.

They did not speak out against corruption, against soldiers being sent to fight Boko Haram with no ammunition, against poor Nigerians being locked up for years on remand. These ones did not remember ‘rule of law’ then.

These same lawyers have never spoken out against the crappy loopholes that wealthy defendants use; the legal shenanigans employed that results in cases dragging on for years and often never going to court, while their clients prance around happy as larks, knowing the likelihood of ever standing trial is almost zilch. In the eyes of some in the legal profession, that is okay and the rule of law.

However, when the government finally wises up and also begins to use loopholes in the law to ensure that wealthy defendants are no longer allowed to make a mockery of the judicial system, the same lawyers go up in arms. Why? Isn’t the government also using loopholes like they have been advising their clients to do for years? Loophole na loophole. It is the same rule of law.

Only an idiot takes a knife to a gunfight. For decades, government has been fighting justice armed with a small knife, while defendants and their lawyers brought AK-47s. Well, now you have a government that says – if you bring AK-47s, we will bring missiles. If you bring tanks, we will bring drones. Fire-power for fire-power.

Persin wey no like am, make im no steal from public purse. Simples!

Bucky 2016.

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