The secret formula to a happy marriage


There is need to put certain things in the right perspective. There is NO almighty formula for matrimonial success, no secret recipe for a happy marriage. Every marriage is unique. What works for one person might not work for another.

There are, however, universal principles that are common to every successful marriage. Love, mutual respect, commitment, fidelity, financial security, understanding etc.

This list isn’t conclusive and it is also subject to individual interpretation. Love, commitment, fidelity, financial security etc is relative. The way one family views and applies commitment might differ from another family. This explains why, imported principles don’t always work out well.

Mama Emeka shouldn’t try to make her husband act like Nkiru’s husband. One man served his wife and it works for them. Another woman serves her husband and it works for them. You have no right to denigrate anybody for choosing a particular formula that works for him/her.

It is insanity to abuse a woman who calls herself a feminist, because she licks her husband’s arse. To each his own. Do what works for you.
Life is dynamic.

I am saying this in light of the recent outrage against Omotola Ekeinde. What is wrong in a woman bragging about her husband, who goes to market for her?

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Husband

Is she your wife? Is he your husband?!

Many times, men boast about their submissive wives who serve them and nobody reacts to that as arrogance. Why are we mad at Omotola for expressing her joy? Why do we have plenty bad bellism in this country? Why Naija peeps gats no chill?

You should be praying for life to bring your own Ekeinde to you and not beefing Omotola. She is not the reason your man treats you like trash. Her husband didn’t go to market with your legs.

If you can’t do same for your wife, just sheee-rrrrrr-aaaaaaap and mind your business! The last time I checked it is THEIR marriage, not yours.
Your definition of humility or submission is not necessary. Mr Ekeinde isn’t asking for help. He is secure in his marriage.

Abeg leave the poor woman to enjoy marital bliss.

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