Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim should step down if he wants a private life


What an old man like Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim wants with prostitutes baffles me, especially when he has three strong and agile women as his wives and could have as many rounds of sex as he wants. The adage comes to pass, aja to ba maa ku, kii gbo fere ode. Indeed, the dog that wants to fall into the pit will not hear the hunter’s whistle.

Sahara Reporters have leaked raunchy images of Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim with two ladies who he purportedly had sex with. The former governor of Yobe State has maintained that he owes no one an explanation for his actions since he didn’t rape the ladies in the video.

Oro owe bi ase, the Nigerian polity has the propensity to become an arena for stray dogs. The public servant who has chosen unbridled sexual appetite over the image of their constituency deserves only public disgrace and flogging.

Nigerians, as usual, are busy picking sides, some claiming that Sahara Reporters have no right to intrude into the private life of the Senator.  Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, who was caught naked on camera with two women. Sahara Reporters have served their purpose and borne the risks of being labelled the public enemy in media as always, but have they not offered us a chance to redeem whatever is left of our morality and ethics as a nation?

To morality, we hereby tender our most sincere apologies. Nigerians only use you on Sundays and Fridays just as air freshener inside “holy” buildings. In these moments when our stinking malady rises to highest heavens, we prefer to smear ourselves with faecal waste in the name of empathy.

We quickly forget the The Deputy Minister of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Enock Ruberangabo Sebineza, who was fired by the president of Congo, after a video of him masturbating in his office went viral.

Ordinary Congo, a country that should be asking Nigeria for directions, they understand the implication of indiscipline and scandalous behaviour in public office. If the senator wants a private life, he has every opportunity to step down and leave public scrutiny. For as long as he works and is paid from our taxes, he owes us the decency of conducting himself moderately and avoid such disgrace to Nigeria as a nation.


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