Seun Kuti vs. Nigerian Politicians: Who are we beating next?

Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti called it and sadly, it’s true.

Things have now arrived at that wearying point where some Nigerians now dream of paralysing politicians with sticks and stones as though their lives depend on it. Because many feel that it does.

There’s a presently trending video where Grammy award-nominated winning artist, Seun Kuti is seen not mincing words as he purred in anger and irritation about the recurring inactivity of the Nigerian leadership, literally asking that he should be called upon to donate some punches when another Nigerian politician is being beaten and shamed.

And, trust me, he is not alone.

Saying that there is a silently boiling, frustration-fuelled anger within the average Nigerian at the moment, will be merely understating a huge fact.

The anger we saw displayed in Germany and against Buhari in his recent Japan trip isn’t compared to the strain being brewed at home. To be honest, it is scary when you have eyes to see.

Nigerians have had it, just look at your neighbour, you’ll see it.

However, while all of this is true, that we cannot cook yams with this anger, no matter how hot e be, is also true.

I don’t think seeking the next politician to beat solves anything. In fact, I believe it is not the best way to channel our anger regardless of how tempting it is to land a fistful on Buhari’s jaw.

There is always a better way to do things. There is always a better way to handle them.

For one, the thumb is greater than the fist. Funny right? Yeah, this age-long method of democracy is still very valid and powerful.

Then, our voice. Woe betide us the day we lose our collective voices to chant for better performance from our leadership. Trust me, I know that one of the many reasons why Nigerians are frustrated to the point of becoming Tysons is because their voice has never been heard; still, it is a globally valid option far better than blows.

We should not keep talking and demanding for a kind of leadership we are proud of, simply because blows put us in a worse condition.

Beating politicians ends up being an irrational way of handling a situation that will heal using rational radicalism and action. Blows and stones simply adds poison to the already existing sand sand inside our garri, and gives us away to the politicians.

May Nigeria win.

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