Should Style Icon Grace Jones Have Zero Chill For Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Nikki Minaj?


In her new autobiography ‘I’ll Never Write My Memoirs’, style icon and all-round baddest chick Grace Jones comes for the small small children making music today, claiming that they are not challenging the Establishment, they are not unique, they are simply copying her.

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The 67 year-old, Jamaican bad ass said “They dress up as though they are challenging the status quo, but by now, wearing those clothes, pulling those faces, revealing those tattoos and breasts, singing to those fractured, spastic, melting beats – that is the status quo”

She’s right to a point. Time was only the most savage sailors had tattoos. Now, Dave down the post office sports them. And anyone who thinks nakedness is risqué and ground-breaking has clearly not been out and about of a Saturday night in Essex.

My point is….she just sounds like a salty old woman to me. Why you mad though, aunty Grace? You had your time; this is theirs. Did they come to you and say they want to change the world? No, I think Nikki Minaj has made it abundantly clear in her lyrics that she’s all about the Benjamins. As for Miley Cyrus, I can’t even say that I know how it’s doing her, so we’ll just leave that one alone.

To say that there would be no them without Grace Jones is a truism, but nothing to lose sleep over. Ms Jones would have had people she respected who influenced her style, and these young guns will have someone who will emulate them later (I dunno how much more naked you can get on a wrecking ball though. Maybe Miley’s daughter will have her skeleton on a battering ram)

Anyway, my point once again is this: there are traces of Fela in a lot of Afrobeats music today. There is Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey in Brymo (Heeeey boo! It’s been too long! I miss you!). There is a little Ipi Tombi in Mafikizolo. There is some of Sam Cooke in Anthony Hamilton.

The younger ones will take the baton and run with it. It just is what it is.

I’ll Never Write My Memoirs’ by Grace Jones is published by Simon and Schuster on September 24. Pre-order it on Amazon here.

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