Six Smart Ways to Make Money From Your Knowledge

making money

Making money

Knowledge is power!  It can bring multiple solutions to so many people all around the world and bring you profit too. The power resident in what you know has infinite potential, but it must be explored and harvested before any returns can come your way.

The sound of starting a business might sound daunting to many and put a few off the thought. There are always many balls to juggle – family, work and other commitments fighting for our attention.  That does not mean that we cannot maximise our passion and create multiple streams from what we love and enjoy.

There are other ways to creating multiple income streams, and one of the most exciting ways is to sell your expertise.   Yes, you read right, what you know can bring profit your way.

We live in a digital age where information flows effortlessly. Google and the other search engines have made it easier for us to find what we need online at the click of a mouse. Who knows, maybe the next solution someone is looking for online is what you know?

You can develop several streams of income from your knowledge as highlighted below:

Write for Websites, Magazines, Blogs and more

In comparison to ten years ago, there are many content outlets out there, again thanks to our digital age. You can write about any topic you desire as long as it adds value to the readers.  If you play your cards right, you might end up in a high traffic content platform that will highlight your expertise and bring about more opportunities. The likes of sites such as Addicted 2 Success and mainstream newspapers are full of content from a wide range of people from all lifestyles.  If you want to take it further, why not become a regular columnist for a magazine/newspaper that shares your passion.

Offer Advice or Consulting Services

Yes, it is true, not everyone knows what you know, and you can use what you know to provide solutions to people’s problems.  You can offer an advisory or consulting service on an ad-hoc basis or in a more structured setting.  The consulting industry is booming with more people specialising in such diverse niches too.  You may be pleasantly surprised by who will buy into what you offer if the results you can provide are packaged efficiently.

Books and eBook

According to Nielsen Book Research, print and digital book market in the UK is worth £2,176m in 2014 with a volume of 311m.  Amazon-published and self-published titles accounted for 17m of those books and worth £58m in 2014.  There is no sign of this abating with countless opportunities to get your knowledge to those who need it. It might take some time to translate your thoughts into action and get your book out there, but the dividends are worth the effort. eBooks are an easier option for those who do not want to go the traditional route of book writing but have information to share.  How-to guides, self-help, health and current topical issues tend to do well.  Once the book is written, the bulk of the work is done.

Seminar, Classes or Workshops

Online meetings, teleconferencing, webinars, periscope, blab and now Facebook video have made it a lot easier to share information online.  For those who prefer face to face interaction, there are many options to choose from – classes on demand, meetups, workshops, interactive classes, and seminars to name a few.

One of my clients loves to sew, teach and spend time with people.  She wanted to package her passion, but she was tired of running a traditional business. We combined her most dominant passion, and now she has created signature classes she runs all year round. Her workshops are always sold out, and she loves her life.

You can combine the most dominant components of your passion and provide great service others will gladly pay for.  There are many ways of displaying your knowledge, take your personality into consideration to find the method that fits. You run your classes how it suits your personality and goals.

Information Products

The quest for information products is insatiable.  People want solutions, and they want them as quickly as they think about them.  According to the experts, the information products market is bound to increase exponentially in the coming years. As more people gain access to the internet all over the world, information products are no longer bound by geographical locations like physical books.  They transcend borders and boundaries and could be on your electronic device in a matter of minutes.

Courses and Programs

There are many courses out there developed by those who have in-depth knowledge of a particular topic.  One of those people could be you.  Your knowledge can translate into courses and programs that can reach millions of people all over the world.  Ask the creator of the NLP program Richard Bandlerand and John Grinder.

There are so many other options available to you when you package your knowledge.  Your knowledge has tremendous potential, and there is no telling the number of people it can reach.  It will be an injustice if your knowledge is not out there serving the people that need it.

The Next Step

Take action.  Nothing happens if we do not take action. The action you need to take right now is to book a FREE exploration session and let us discuss how I can help you turn your ideas and thoughts into reality.  What you want to achieve is not far-fetched, you just need a guide and a nudge to get you there.  Click here to book a FREE 30 minutes exploration session and let’s get your knowledge to the world

May blessings be multiplied unto you.

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