Somebody, Help! Their Dino has gone Melaye again!


Dino Melaye. Oh Dino, Dino, Dino.

He once advised his fellow senators right in the hallowed Chamber, to “patronise Nigerian women” in order to grow the Naira.

To describe Dino, I’ll be brief. As touching words, Dino Melaye typically just puts the cart in front, he doesn’t have a horse. I mean, he doesn’t merely talks before he thinks, rather, he just does NOT think. No horse! This is who he is…a manic-depressive ensemble who seeks validation via unfazed thuggery and starched clothes.

Dino Melaye He-fought-for-it

So, whatever it is that he said this time around (to Oluremi Tinubu), true or false, isn’t a surprise.

That a specimen like Dino Melaye somehow managed to become a Senator in a Republic of Men, human beings, is an obvious and obnoxious stain on the fabric of our nation. No detergent can clean it; it is a shameful spot on our history, a democratic nadir that’s already happened, so we gotta accept it.

Then now, will it be too hard to ask the people he represents in Kogi, to initiate a process of recalling this shameful idea called Dino? What is the procedure for the recall of a Senator in Nigeria?

Dino Melaye - proud of himself

Renowned professor, social commentator and author, Professor Pius Adesanmi, who is also a Kogi native, and who has always expressed his disdain at Dino Melaye’s misrepresentation of Kogi at the Senate, had this to say about Dino’s latest “dinofoolery:

“We need to relieve Dino Melaye of his duties so that he can return to Okun land to beat and “impregnate” his own sisters. And then face what we do in Okun land to male vermin, cowards who visit any sort of violence, physical or symbolic, on women”.

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    • Teslim u are very stupid for saying such, I lost my respect for oluremi during the inauguration of the 8th Senate. She is no match to Dino not to talk of Saraki, she should know that this two senators are not from her husband dynasty. And her husband can’t do anything to them. Call a fellow senator and a man for that matter thug and dog is not commendable at all. Senate leadership must take appropriate actions against such behaviour, she should be reminded that her husband is not the owner of APC.

  1. I thought Dino is A MAN OF INTEGRITY. Hence, he joined the “INTEGRITY GROUP” in the House of Reps., to REBEL anainst Dimeji Bank OLE.
    MORAL QUESTIONS: how come that the “MR INTEGRITY” has suddenly thrown his full weight behind his perceived CORRUPT LEADERS in the SENATE? Always at the forefront, vocal & aggressively defending what is obviously adjudged to be clear acts of ABUSE OF OFFICE.
    2. How come HE DID NOT insist on buying MADE IN NIGERIA (SUVs) from INNOSON, when the SENATE decided to buy one SUV, for #36m plus? And, that was after canvassing for our men to start patronizing “MADE in NIGERIA WOMEN”.
    3. Is he really, a Responsible Man? Having watched this same MAN publicly threatened to beat up a #COLLEAGUE, #ANOTHER MAN’s WIFE. #SOMEONE’S MOTHER.
    Anyways, I think he’s gradually DIGGING the GRAVE OF HIS POLITICAL CAREER. We are watching all of you so-called POLITICAL LEADERS.
    It’s quite UNFORTUNATE to have his likes (immature & criminal minded) in the upper chamber. It’s a SHAME!!!

  2. But he was ur vibrant and dogged soldier before the general election…. Keep living a lie amidst true patriotism and fairness while u guys literally declare our beloved country a sinking ship with all these propagandas and political stunts…

  3. I stand with Dino in this matter because he has come out to tell the press and indeed all Nigerian what transpired during the close door meeting that warrant Senator Tinubu to call him names..It was a disgrace that a woman who is suppose to be a custodian of humility would be rendering abuses on a Male colleague irrespective of what so ever influence her husband may have in politics..Tinubu should with immediate effect render an unreserved apology to Dino, the entire Senate members aand all Nigerian for bringing shame and debanchy

    • Why not??? If Dino was the women…Sen.Tinubu would be the first to run to the press and scream… Even their colleagues would have done same too..but what happened??she went home to incite the husband to tread words with Dino..same party members…See my friend..bad women are dangerous..without them we men would be living life without any rancor

  4. When in 2014 he was calling ‘JONATHAN back to Otuke, he was a hero, now he is indirectly advising Tinubu to retire his wife from politics before someone else help to get her pregnant, he is a villian. No worry. In part two, he declared Senator Tinubu can’t be pregnant again. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  5. Every body is complaining of dino, what about the senator tinubu, is she the only one in the house, did she think this is lagos dat is in her husband pocket, who did she think she is, by talking rudely to somebody who can marry her

    • For any action there must be a reaction. Before Mrs Tinubu challenge dino or delow, he must have jamtalk as usual, and he needed to be corrected. Just the way i am trying to wake u up from ignorant that make u to reason backward. Enough for the fools .

    • You must be a foolish person dino was talking to the whole house, he did not mention anybody name, who is she to now insult, the Senate is not own by her husband, she must drop her arrogance and put on the garment of humility

  6. These people are wicked o! See how they responded promptly to the fisticuff between the duo, if this is how they responded to the problems facing the nation by now we would’ve been better off

  7. you will have been man enough malaye not to join issue with woman but her husband. is that how you will behave when your dead dream of been Nigeria president comes true and now how will Nigeria give u such a chance, pls repent and tender your unreserved apology to Nigerians, Tinubu family and women in the world.

  8. Remi Tinubu, u cannot be equal wit a man,Dino is a man n must be respected, who knows what ur husband is passing through ur hand right inside ur bedroom. Men deserves respect , no matter d situation. Oga Tinubu caution ur wife

  9. Eeeiiiiya this is not normal na, satelite beems towards senate house its disgusting, irritating and embarrassing to men folks how on earth will this kind of comment come out from this mans mouth, shuu I am sure he said somethingso inhumane to Madam and madam headboot Melaye just like Zidane. Abeg Dino should be examined properly, Does he any wife? If yes hmm she dey try oh, this is the second time Dino ll advertise show of shame to the public. I am sure he likes ladies in their 50s. He has just started what he cant finish

  10. Charity, they say, begins at home. For the mere fact that Remi bears Mrs. Tinubu does not qualify or bring her to the level of a man. For decency sake, both Dino and Remi should either learn some morals, or better still, buy one.

  11. These hungry media houses….. How much have you been paid? No one is saying anything about the woman that called the rain, but you guyz have all been hired to rubbish Dino. This man has not done anything wrong. He is a respected of Newton’s third law of motion. She deserve that from Dino.

  12. I lost my respect for oluremi during the inauguration of the 8th Senate. She is no match to Dino not to talk of Saraki, she should know that this two senators are not from her husband dynasty. And her husband can’t do anything to them. Calling a fellow senator and a man for that matter thug and dog is not commendable at all. Senate leadership must take appropriate actions against such behaviour, she should be reminded that her husband is not the owner of APC. It seems like the women of this A P C is not well mannered at all, first was first lady call a sitting governor mad dog.

  13. Fools will always come to conclusion without examining the whole event, just bcos it is against a woman or ACN leader Tinubu, yes i mean acn bcos he doesnt have a say in APC controlled by the north. What do you think will provoke a man to that stage? It must be uncontrolled utterance and it needs uncontrolled action. Dino is equally a woman’s husband.

  14. Afta readin som comments here I had no choice but 2 c came up with 2 decisions, either I join boko haram to fight this nonsense call Western education or I leave dis kiales country for Afghanistan. Excuse me, have we all lost sense of reasoning in dis ghetto, must we decolorized wrong doing or does APC successfully substitutes peoples intelligence 4 foolishness? How on earth a woman wud majestically stood up to abuse a man an we clap hands 4 her? In fact Hon Dino, am disappointed in u dt u didn’t kiv her d beating of her life. U dt campaign agnst men beatin women when will u start d campaign agnst women abusing men?. I don’t blame Mrs Tinubu, dts how Yoruba women are trained to behave… Even yoruba men whose wives and fiancees r dia punching bags r here insulting Dino. Tinubu can’t cage dis country like Lag…

  15. No manner of provocation should make a man demean himself in the manner that he has done. The fact that the guy could even spew forth such words shows that he lacks self control, self respect and self dignity.

    Irrespective of the alleged comments by the lady senator, he should have shown a level of maturity that is expected of a gentleman senator. But alas! He has shown that he lacks it.

    While not advocating for the lady senator, nor attempting to justify whatever action she might have taken to elicit such a response from the man, it s hows the level that one can actually descend to make a point.

    This says so much about the intellectual depth, emotional functionality, psychological equilibrium and psychiatric stability of those who have found themselves at the helm of affairs in our nation.

    Observing such (mis)behaviour actually makes one question the quality of discourse and outcomes from the upper chamber; and mind you, anyone who says that Dino is a man and deserves to be respected without addressing the real issues at stake actually need to get their head examined expeditiously…

    • Anthony Ubaneche, if the man had any respect for his wife he would have held his tongue. However, if you have had the patience to read earlier comments on this thread, you would have deduced that the guy has no wife presently as his hitherto wife had to leave him due to domestic violence. I hope that is untrue, but if it is, it punctures whatever argument your position might want to canvass…

    • @ N’imose, a very simple question to you; what wud u do if someone, anyone at all looked at u and called u a DOG in public? be sincere. I guess u wud quietly walk away since you are the greatest GENTLEMAN Nigeria has ever produced?. Our culture encourages the women to be verbally abusive and careless with words, but expects the man to be CAGED, emotionally, financially and so on. I have never seen a write up discouraging women from wicked utterances and behavior, it’s always about what the man should do and should not do.thats why we have the rate of male mortality extremely high in this should be balanced.

    • Simon-peter Benson,I am not the greatest gentleman even in my small street. However, this is the 21st century. We all claim to be civilized and there are civilized modes of conduct that we should strive to imbibe. Let me tell you what I would have done.

      Rather than descending into conduct that is unbecoming of a serving senator (or any reasonable person at that), I would have briefed my lawyers who will then file charges against my antagonist for verbal assault, slander, libel and any other civil charge that is known to the books.

      Let me tell you what this line of action would have achieved. First, it would place me at a higher moral ground; second, I would have maintained my respect and dignity as a man and a serving senator; third, the appropriate sanction(s) under civilized human society would be meted; and fourth, it will serve as a deterrence to anyone from towing that line in future.

      There are so many ripple effects such a civil action will trigger, but just look at the mess being created by resorting to crude and primitive conduct…

    • Ur aguement 2 me is highly bias. While judging only d man’s action? Is What d woman did right in own perspective? D fact dat u said noting 2 discourage d missconduct of d woman proves d insincerity of ur mind. Shud a woman go on using all sorts of abusive langauge on a man bcos she is a woman? Pls 4 decency sake is it right 4 remi tinubu 2 call a man who is old enough 2 be her husband a dog? Even if dino hs no wife, did remi tinubu want 2 marry him? If yes, is dat d right way 2 approach a man u want 2 marry? Pls let’s nt be econimcal wt d truth, remi tinubu behaved vry bad too as a lady serving senator nd shud also be discouraged. Respect is resiprocal.

    • Have you been reading my contributions? I doubt, because if you have you would have observed that I wasn’t taking sides. I’m not trying to justify the actions of the lady senator.

      However, my point is that even when she had erred, the offended party should have reacted in a decent manner, if anything to prove the lady wrong.

      Now that he had descended to her level, they have both smeared the repute of the hitherto hallowed chambers of the Senate. We should learn to do the right things and not be swayed by emotions.

      It is obvious that you are being swayed by emotions based on gender superiority. However, a more appropriate response should have been one that will not only redress the perceived wrong but would also have acted as a deterrence to forestall any future occurence of similar vein.

      I am not one to take sides sir, both of them were wrong, but like I stated earlier, two wrongs have never been known to make a right. The lady was wrong in the first instance, but the response by the offended party left much to be desired…

  16. This poster of this rubbish is also stupid, just as he said, Tinubu is only playing God to you, the poster of this rubbish, you foolishly forget to post what your godly Tinubu said to a married man of Dino Melaye! Hypocrites!

  17. If any one ever gets close to Remi Tinubu….U will kno dat she is a wonderful woman. . …on d day of Ambode victory celebration in Ambode’s house where d DSS locked out d physically disabled people. …she singlehandedly bore d risk and opened d gate for everyone to come inside against d security advice….saying one day a physically challenge may and will be d Gov of d state…They are human beings like us but wit lesser opportunity ….and told one able but very dirty looking guy who was trying to make his way into Ambode’s compound dat why was d guy looking so unkept dat she has observed d guy for over 2 months any time she passes d same road looking d same all d time…and gave d guy some huge amount of money for his wife ….children and his up keep and told d guy to come to her any time he needs help but must look responsible

    • @Thomas….I was a counsellor and presently a lecturer wit lead city University but live opposite Ambode. I saw it all….so u can see dat N500 per day can’t recharge my fone…@ Jude. ..dats d reason to let u kno dat she is not d type of woman but Dino fabricated dat statement as a bail out so dat all men can hate Remi Tinubu….and Thomas if I av told u dis frm my personal experience and u still said dat I left d truth untold. …is it until I say d negative abt her dat I don’t av a fact to dat am speaking d truth…is it wen I say d opposite dat am saying d truth ?

    • @Peter…..dis is nothing like talking out of point….am only talking abt my personal experience wit Mrs Remi Tinubu regarding her value for human dignity be a man or a woman. ..Mr Peter….I can only talk abt my experience wit u concerning ur character if any one accuses u of misconduct …….for d fact that none of us was there wen arguments ensued btw Dino and Mrs Tinubu…then am saying Mrs Tinubu is not d type dat will rise up frm her seat and call a distinguished fellow senator a dog or thug even wen she saw a constituted thug looking unkept but decided to treat him as one of us bcos circumstances made him a thug

    • Well none of us here talking has stayed with Dino Melaye as well….Uzo La’kul Andrew..If u av gone thru my comments above then u will realise dat her derica of rice cannot fund any of my research projects in my career. ….Mr Uzo….If I need to say wat I kno abt u via my personal experience wit u….is it bcos u av given me a derica of rice and if u hold a political appointment. …does dat make u a bad person in all aspect of life ?….and if u ar an elected member of parliament. …wud dat position erode all ur good deeds for d people ?

    • I never liked d woman wen I was having d same biased perceptions like u are all having until I came close and observed how she put smiles into d faces of d disabled persons and d perceived thugs and served them food personally. ..she didn’t do it for ppl to see bcos there was no TV stations to cover d event…but love for human dignity

  18. Some blogger affiliated to tinubu, just want to tarnish this man political image, watch him address the public of what happened between him and remi tinubu, you will know remi should learn how to approach is colleague, behind Dino.

  19. @ Look salau, is dat d topic do u no how many people are on scholarship n payrolls of some gud nigerians, listen 2 urself against security advice dats y we die like animals, a security officer is tryin 2 effect access control n she ordered dem 2 open d gate witout screenin n against security ethics. pls wake up from ur slumber n face reality

  20. Dino Melaye has just found himself in the next of vipers of public opinion…
    Here’s how it works….Melaye has been a rabies infested dog from the very beginning of his political career… but we seldom paid attention to him until he poked the Lion of bourdillon….whose mastery is in the manipulation of public opinion…
    And this one….is a piece of cake.

  21. I believe u dont know who Oluremi Tinubu is. She love to harass men even on the floor of the hallow chamber, did anyone wonder why no one senator has come out in her defence except Boroffice that has not been in the chamber for more than 2weeks. Remi Tinubu see herself as a sacred wife of a demi-god who is unquestionable in anything she does. Kindly refer to my wall and see Sen. Dino Melaye broadcast on what actually tranpire between then on that fateful day

  22. dino melaye honestly i suport u 100% houses hav been bot over by d tinubus to portray him on d evil side bt those who r wise cnt b swayed by nonsense..if una like post anytin foolish media houses we no send…remi tinubu shud go nd sit in a keke to quench her pride.

  23. Rubbish, every body is busy insulting Dino without considering what caused the drama, how can a responsible married woman call another woman’s husband a dog and thug? How many of u here will tolerate such insult from dat ashawo? I support Dino, dat mad woman should learn how to respect men she is not the only woman in the senate

  24. So much grudge from most of you. Its Dino’s word against Remi’s because non of you here talking witnessed what actually happened. Please lets stop all this bitterness and move Nigeria forward with decent comments and contribution. Calling someone’s wife ashawo, have slept with her before or has your friend? Do you have an evidence to that? Just because you don’t like someone does not mean you should degrade the person.

  25. Dino our man of the Week!!!!

    When Man Kill Woman,Noise Go Dey Everywhere But When Woman Kill Man,We No Go Hear Anything…….Hypocrisy.

    When Aisha Buhari Wife Of Our President Called A Seating Governor A Mad Dog,No Corner,Not Even You Ever Condemned Such Act But Now Same Is Done To A Woman,You Are Here Attacking Him…..

    We Knew You Are Part Of Those Sponsored Newspaper That Will Ever Be Bias In Your Commentary,No Wonder You Stylishly Removed Provocative Things Said By Remi When You Firstly Reported Your Fake News……..

    If You Want People To Respect You,You Have To Watch Things You Say To Them…….

    Dino Is A Man,Remi Taught He Could Buy Everything With Her Body and Money……

    Expecting People To Treat and Respect You Above Your Moral Value Is Like Trying To Get An Honey From An House Fly…

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