“Do something that is beneficial to your people” – Abimbola Alale Takes Nigeria to Space!

Abimbola Alale

What I love most about the New Africa is that women are branching out into more and more leadership roles. Far from waiting for the government to empower us and give us our rights, we are seizing them ourselves; making a difference in our world. Women are no longer confined to the marketplace. We have excelled in that and still carry the backbone of Africa through commerce and sales. We are now visible in just about every field imaginable. Already, we have met Lucy Quist in telecommunications. We have Temie Giwa-Tubosun in health, providing life-saving services. Theresa Kachindamoto is breaking up underage marriages in Malawi and sending young girls back to school. And now we have Abimbola Alalethe first and only female CEO of a major satellite company in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Abimbola Alale is the head of Nigerian Communication Satellite Limited. She says that she was always fascinated by astronauts and space, but it was on approaching a leader in the field that she was urged to “Do something that is more beneficial to your people”.

And this is exactly what she has done. Her satellites bring much needed information, telecommunications and news to the African continent.

There is still so much work to be done in our continent to narrow the gap between the sexes, but boy! This is one heck of a start! Bravo, madam!

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