Stephen Fry provokes outrage after telling sex abuse victims to stop whining and “Grow up”


No! Not my Stephen Fry! How could he be so lacking in empathy? What could have made him remove the brain-to-mouth filter? Is this what happen when you are termed a national treasure and you feel you can do no wrong? Or was he just on his periods and mis-spoke?

On a US chat show recently, Stephen Fry advised sex abuse victims to ditch self-pity because it’s the “ugliest” emotion in humanity, going on to say: “We’re very sorry your uncle touched you —but self-pity gets none of my sympathy.”

He added on The Rubin Report: “Self-pity is the ugliest emotion in humanity. Get rid of it, because no one’s going to like you if you feel sorry for yourself.”

This is such disappointing news, not just coming from someone with his level of intellect, but coming from someone who has a long documented history of mental illness  and has himself struggled with feelings that may seem illogical but exist all the same.

Stephen Fry is the president of mental health charity Mind, and has spoken about his depression and bipolar disorder at length for whoever cares to hear, and nobody ever told him to shut up about it, so I struggle to understand the vitriol against people who suffer differently.

It just goes to show that even amongst people who should extend empathy to ALL sufferers of trauma or mental illness, there is still prejudice and disbelief; a feeling that “My pain is worse than yours.”

It’s hard to imagine that his crown may ever be completely taken off his head – he is, without a doubt, a UK national treasure – but he’s certainly caused a lot of upset over this and a lot of people who were previously on the fence, who found him overrated and pompous, have certainly fallen over to the disapproval side of the fence.

Bad, Fry! Bad!

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  1. how disappointing it is that a figurehead of a mental health charity has shown such ignorance on one of the most heinous causes of Mental Health Issues.
    An apology which says his comments are misunderstood belittles us all, he said “sorry your uncle touched you” and suggested we want to be “felt sorry for” which seem quite clear to me. Stephen Fry should hang his head in shame.
    MIND should not and cannot continue to have someone so blatantly out of touch as their figurehead. Whilst Stephen Fry continues to act as President none of us who have mental health issues related to childhood abuse can take the organisation seriously.

    This is the sort of person we have fought to education (and obviously failed) for decades.

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