Still on the feminism matter


Feminism is a necessity

Let me explain to you the dangers of believing that one gender is superior to the other.

As a woman, if you believe you are inferior to the man, you do some serious damage to your psyche because it places on you a sense of limitation on you as a person and on your abilities. You look at certain tasks and responsibilities as “for them” while the lesser ones are for you.

The first woman who flew a plane Amelia Mary Earhart had to believe in herself not just as a woman, but as one who was able to do what the men, who were the only pilots of the day, were doing.

It was feminists that made it possible for girls to start going to school and pursue professional careers and they had to believe the girl child was equal to the boy child for them to have attempted that feat.

I see men quoting scriptures, getting mad that a woman can never be equal to the man and it’s hilarious I tell you. The woman can never be equal to the man because she is already at par, equal and same with the man so it is not something to strive for. A difference in our physical and biological structures does not put one gender ahead of the other. Hell, a difference in our gender roles doesn’t make one superior to the other. You pay bills, she bears children, does the fact that she endures a lot of physical pain make her any more superior to her male counterpart?

Then again, there are many religions and because Christianity appoints a man as the head of the home doesn’t make him a superior specie to the woman. Is your manager a superior human to you? Secondly, it doesn’t make the man the head of any woman on the street. Thirdly, it doesn’t make you superior to the woman on the street. Keep your family organogram to yourself.

Another issue with believing you are an inferior specie as a woman is that you will always defer to the superior specie. There was a viral video of a girl who’s boyfriend was beating her and she was apologising. Some of us will smirk and cuss at her but most of us know that’s a common occurrence in school and we had friends in such situations. Scratch that, many of us had boyfriends who beat us badly and we still went back to apologise. A girlfriend of mine who was reading medicine went back to the boyfriend with a cake to beg him after he beat her so bad and kicked her on the street!

You can only be that crazy if you don’t love and value yourself and that brings me to another point. If you do not believe in gender equality as a woman, you will not believe in yourself. You will keep seeking validation from men and always need a man to have a sense of self worth.

Little wonder most ladies want to be kept. They want who will tell them what to do and cannot function intelligently without external influences. They don’t believe in themselves enough to make a name for themselves or make a difference in their environment/Society. We all wanna marry into name.

Men complain everyday of the quality of women that are being churned out; women who cannot hold their forte, who want to be taken care of day in day out. Women who are only concerned with what they can get from the men, etc. No matter how gifted, talented and blessed a woman is, she aspires mainly for one thing “marriage” and has no sense of self worth outside it and no, she doesn’t come as a contributor, she has no sense of that because even the Bible said “the less is blessed of the greater”.

So we shouldn’t complain, that is one of the “benefits” of having a Society that believes in the superiority of one gender group of people over the other, the other group will always depend on the superior group for sustenance. It is psychological and a proven social order.

So you see, when you fight gender equality, you fight building strong, self sufficient women. Okonjo-Iweala doesn’t have to tell you she believes in gender equality for you to know she does. Any woman who achieves feats that’s been peculiar to men must believe she’s equal to the man in mind and spirit. It is folly to use the man as a yardstick but then, what other one do we have?

As long as one gender remains superior to the other in a Society, the rights and privileges of one will always be shortchanged and suppressed. There will always be oppression and subjugation in the various facets that make up the Society including the home, work place, etc.

Until we correct the issue of gender inequality, the rapists, paedophiles, victimizers, abusers, oppressors, etc will continue to harass your daughters and endeavour to make life miserable for all of them.

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