Stop letting others guilt trip you into enduring abuse


Walk away from abuse

I can’t wrap my head around the idea of testing people with discomfort and negativity.

Where did we get this warped idea that people who can endure our bad behavior are more responsible, morally upright and trustworthy?

This is one of the ways we have institutionalized abuse. We have made it an acceptable way of life.

This is why people stick to abusers, because they are desperate about redeeming their image and being adjudged as true lovers. Who wrote this script? Who paid for this bewitchment?

Somehow we have come to accept poverty, lack, deliberate mediocrity and hunger as lofty values.

When we see people who are happy and comfortable, we immediately become negatively biased towards them. We malign them. We judge their characters unfairly.

We are more inclined to be accommodating towards those we perceive as poor, weak and helpless. We kinda think their inadequacies make them better people.

Truth is, we are liars. We are just threatened by people living good lives. Their comfortable lives remind us that we don’t have much freedom to dictate to them, what and how they should live their lives.

You know those people who put you through negative experiences in the name of testing you, they are emotionally sick.

The only person permitted to put you through such test is you not someone else. Only you can decide to test yourself with discomfort .

You don’t have a right to bring your rubbish into people’s lives, to test them.

Don’t try to test me with negativity, it won’t work. You don’t have that capacity to validate me.

If I find myself in a situation where someone is giving me a treatment that threatens my happiness, I will walk away. We were not born as Siamese twins. My destiny is not in your hands.

In fact, I have no apology whatsoever. You should never be guilt-tripped into enduring any form of abuse from someone. Fight back or walk away.

You owe yourself that.

Are we together?

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