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To be born a female in Igboland: then and now

To be born a female in Igboland used to be one of the most depressing events in the life of any individual. We are...

Sometimes, who cooks the soup at home IS a feminist issue!

Twitter and Facebook like to detonate every once in while about cooking and feminism, and there will always be that one person who says...

Letter to Nkechi Bianze in defence of the community penis and...

Sympathy for the Community Penis is what We Plead! Dear Nkechi....sorry, aunty Nkechi, This letter is in response to the wicked, wicked thing you did on...

Babadebaba, Ogusbaba, Ladiispeaks: the new generation of backward artists in Nigeria

Comedy, music and movies used to be works of art before they crossed from "the Abroad" and entered Nigeria. Now, anybody with an Itel...

There Are Different Hues of Feminist and Each One Is Valid

There are different types of feminists and sometimes the factions war against each other. Why do we often argue about the right kind of...

On feminism and equality: a debate

In a series of questions on feminism and equality by Timothy Nubunga Galumje, I give my personal opinions from the limited understanding I have on...