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Glory and Muyiwa Osei: Nigeria’s Suffering Creative Industry

I have been looking around for the story about Glory and Muyiwa Osei. I eventually read a few of the threads on Twitter and it's...

Jenna Bourgeois’ Claim About Nigeria, a Lesson to Investors

Jenna Bourgeois’ Claim About Nigeria, A Lesson To Investors" Jenna Bourgeois, in his business venture note about Nigeria, claimed that he and his company had...

Farmcrowdy Closes on Additional Seed Funding of $1 Million

Farmcrowdy is the sort of economical advancement we here at Viva Naija love to see. It is a solution that speaks directly to some...

What To Know About Doing Business In Africa’s Digital Marketplace

There are several advantages digital marketing has over offline marketing. Yet, it is crucial, especially for small, medium, and micro-enterprises in Africa to identify...

Respect People’s craft and their work

Respect People's craft I write this based on the recent experience of someone I know. She was really upset and I had to offer some...

Shame and how it affects you

Sometime ago I had a bit of a brain wave and I started reflecting on how many people are here but aren't really "here"....

President Buhari’s meet with Trump (Details + Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari met with American President, Donald Trump, at the White House earlier today, and everyone, especially Nigerians were really eager to know...

When it comes to team work, a leader must not be...

Let’s talk team and team work today. Some of us struggle a lot with working with people. The problem might be that we fear our inadequacies...

Is it the right time to go self employed in 2018?

In this article published by Business First Steps, the pros and cons of being your own boss are discussed. While self-employment gives you some freedom,...

Business tip: Running other businesses down won’t help your brand

Business tip: Some people think that running the other business down helps their brand. Perhaps in a sense it may make them more visible and...