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Dear woman, find the courage to be yourself

Be yourself I grew up feeling inadequate, inferior. I grew up feeling I was never good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough. I grew up trying to earn...

Why you can live with being vulnerable..

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” – Brene Brown Many people feel that vulnerability is a weakness. Some believe it is a liability. “You...

To be saved by hope..

I believe in HOPE because in that we can live again. Live again to Become. Become, where we can't be less. Less?.. of what? When there's more where...

Nigerian woman jailed in UK for mercilessly beating up her husband’s...

There's no telling what a woman is capable of when she finds out that you've been sleeping with her husband. You'd be lucky if there...

Chimamanda Adichie tells how she was sexually molested at 17

And these are part of the few coming out with their experiences of being molested by psychotic patients walking around in disguise of men....

Don’t be afraid to let go

Letting go Today I want to thank every friend who treated me with levity regardless of how much I invested in them and our friendship. You...

Marriage scares the hell out of me

The thought of marriage scares the hell out of me. This is worse because of the fact that I'm a compulsive loner. The thought of...

DEPRESSION and SUICIDE: “My problem pass your own” – we must...

There is a lot of talk about depression and suicide in Nigeria these days; particularly given the tragic event of Sunday evening. Dear ones,...

How to Overcome Business Startup Obstacles

The first thing to establish here is that not everyone has the entrepreneurial skills to effectively start and run a business. By analysing your...

The #AshleyMadisonHack and 4 Reasons Why Naija Men Ain’t Scurred

Ashley Madison subscribers' list exposed. Nigerian men over here like "What's my own?" #Unconcerned.