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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Emmanuel Macron is no Immanuel Ifediata; one might be the next...

I have to say that the most disturbing thing about entire Immanuel Ifediata debacle was not so much his odious post but the support for...

Immanuel Ifediata is so much worse than a paedophile; he is...

"Catch them young..." has all the trappings of a controlling, seizing husband. Let me be her god, her master, the one who provides for her. Don't bother about the girls who need more than N100 egg roll when trying to consider a future partner. Let my meagre resources, intelligence, and exposure be so far and above her mental capacity that she will have no choice but to look up to me. And this rhetoric turns these men on like no pair of breasts or vagina ever could.