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Shame and how it affects you

Sometime ago I had a bit of a brain wave and I started reflecting on how many people are here but aren't really "here"....

Free yourself from Toxic relationships!

You should be discerning enough to know when somebody has become an "agada-gbachiri-uzo" (an obstacle in your path) in your life. A relationship should be...

Nigerians and mystification

At the mention of death and divorce, Nigerians turn to Pastors/Prophets. Everything else is a waste of our Christianity. On the story of the young couple...

Don’t be afraid to let go

Letting go Today I want to thank every friend who treated me with levity regardless of how much I invested in them and our friendship. You...

There was a time

There was a time  When for the sake of your smile the ocean would not have withstood me When I would have run a gauntlet just to be...

Do You Shy Away From Marketing Your Business?

I know marketing can get cumbersome for us solopreneurs/small business owners but it is the lifeline of our businesses. Marketing is to business what food...

Making the Most of Your Opportunities

A few months after I started Business First Steps, I was approached by a fairly big company to partner with them on one of...

Superman, What is Your Kryptonite?

Outsourcing Weaknesses Our weaknesses are part of who we are.  Acknowledging that they exist and making the conscious efforts to reduce the effects they have...

Your words and actions are a reflection of who you are

"What you say flows from what is in your heart." - Luke 6:45 Simple words, yet very weighty and honestly, very convicting if you are truly...

Collaborations Can Grow Your Business

Collaborating for business growth According to Wikipedia ‘collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals’. Have you ever explored...