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Dangerous market people

Funny Anecdote Some of the most dangerous people you will meet are found in the market, carrying heavy loads on their backs. This human trailer,...

Lollipops and your kid

I like that those five or ten-shillings lollipops are a quick and welcome alternative when you go with your child to a shop and...

Me and the “praise singer”

I came face to face with a man who suddenly stopped in his tracks and begun praising my exquisite beauty, singing and dancing playfully...

This rainy weather

This rainy weather is breaking boundaries between boda boda guy and customer, drawing us closer like no other season has, making our trips brief,...

Ogbeni stop trying to change her!

Stop trying to change her! This is a lot of guys who stress a woman about dating/marriage then want to "change her" when she says...

My black as soot butt

My black butt I still don't know if having buttocks that are dark(er than the rest of my body) is an inherited curse from my...

The many trials of sharing a bed

Sharing a bed I like having the entire bed to myself, sharing it with someone is hellish. You stir uncomfortably and realise it’s because their...

The night I wreaked holy vengeance on a “rat”

Funny story I was awake in bed plotting evil and wickedness when I saw something dark on the floor. In the semi-darkness, and from the...

The sweet tongue of the bus conductor

Amusing observations ‘Tis the season for – for those who don’t own cars – hurrying to the bus station with your entire family firmly fastened...